Bring out the Virgins

The night is young, and the blue moon is high up above but lately, we've had bad luck. Like our ancestors before us, we decide that change is necessary...a sacrifice is needed. It needs to be something with warm blood running through its veins and a palpitating heart. A temple that hasn't been visited. The … Continue reading Bring out the Virgins

A Slay Queen’s Guide To Surviving The Lockdown

A fun, fearless series originally published on Nairobi Fashion Hub. A slay queen thrives under lockdown because there's no alternative. I mean, who'll wear all those awesome clothes in your wardrobe. You've been saving those red bottom heels, for a special occasion. All the looks that you've put together for all the fun, social, fashionable … Continue reading A Slay Queen’s Guide To Surviving The Lockdown