I have a name

I have a name. In my mother's womb perhaps my people had a different name from me compared to the ones chosen for me. I have a name. I was named after my grandmother. I was named by my father. I have a clan name. So why remix my name or hand me titles that … Continue reading I have a name


Here I come…

  It was a silence that lasted longer than anything else. Sam stretched his hand to squeeze her bare knee. Anna moved a fraction, leaving a small triangle plastic blue space. The light above them crackled, going off and on. Throwing a dim yellow light inconsistently on the glaring white wall. ‘You’, she breathed out. … Continue reading Here I come…

I’m A Boy

Coming back as a boy doesn't seem so bad. Nobody cares if they come back looking hellish. Doing stupid things freely instead of being handed a small mwiko that subconsciously ingrains mothering as an ambition. Nobody really cares if he cries his heart out because it’ll toughen him up.  Kissing teenage girls under the moonlight and … Continue reading I’m A Boy