The Allure Of The Video Vixen By Linda W. Wairegi

Shaking.  Grinding. Flashing lights. Spinning rims, the never-ending summertime theme, long, voluptuous legs. Alcohol is water. Your mother would never accept her into the family. Her derrière walks into a room and halts all conversation. All right, I’ll admit that’s a bit off an exaggeration but you get my point. Your father will have a quiet scandalized expression. Give your old man, a moment to process, what your new catch is all about. She isn’t your typical wife material according to society.


Your favourite uncle will take you aside so he can have a word with you. Other male relatives may have a roving eye but at the end of the day, they’ll draw the same conclusion. Strangely when all of you will see Lil Wayne’s new song on Trace TV with a bevy of eye candies; no-one will bat an eyelid. You will aspire to live in a big mansion, drive fast cars and having beautiful girls at your beck and call.

Yet you are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. There’s no denying the chemistry or at least your infatuation with her.  You can’t explain because ordinarily, you wouldn’t want to look since there’s nothing new under the sun. She’s all over your screen, whenever you want to see her. All you have to do is wait for her. Time it just right and she’ll pop up on your screen.

The allure of the video vixen paid to look pretty and seduce you with her moves. Little girls, who don’t know better, wish that they could look like her and have her lifestyle, when they grow up. Heavy make-up, thick hair, scanty clothing and dancing next to a so-called musically gifted VIP.  After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid to look good and have a nice time? Yet without the typical model-like requirements, that bar the average girl from aspiring to be a video vixen. Also, a friend told me that with video vixens, if you feature in a popular music video, then other artists look for, so they can use your publicity.

Little boys wish that they knew someone like her, so that she could be dancing next to them as they spit rhymes. She makes all their male friends quiver and excite little slivers of jealousy. Yet, unconsciously, they know that chemistry on the music video doesn’t necessarily translate into real life. Not all of these girls end up like Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifas’ wife or Kenya’s’ own ‘Vera Sidika’, whom claims to earn big money from music videos.

Naturally, some could have faced sexual advances to have a chance to appear in that ever elusive music video. After all, every time we watch a music video, you must notice that some girls are given more air time than others or they are more prominently placed. The girl that is closest to the male rapper and whom looks directly at the camera or perhaps, she has an entire scene to herself. Also, this career has a short time span, so it would make sense to make your mark and get your name known before you get too old.

Is this really the apex of dreams? When girls are drawn into aspiring to be the next video vixen and little boys want her next to them in the music video. Should ladies have to capitalize on their youth by allowing a patriarch society to further sexualize them through music videos? By making the video vixen look like something that can be bought. A trophy, that never goes out of season. Having her symbolizes that he has made it and is now living the good life.  A video vixen is an element of the hip-hop lifestyle.

Why does this blatant sexualization have to happen? Also, it’s quite clear that it’s aimed at women but through men. It’s a double-edged sword; women are expected to have standards, men are left to their own devices. Women are either loose or decent with nothing in between. Yet, the video vixen flaunts herself and her sexuality, slowly piercing, ladies scared of their sexuality. Strangely, she knows what she has to work with, if her face is her strongest asset, she’ll accentuate it and play her strengths.

Ladies will be interested, in how to be sexy and confident like her because we like being revered for our intelligence but we also want to be known for other things. You want to be alluring. All work and no play make Jack, a dull boy. A lady earns to be both yet we live a patriarch society, where men still hold a lot of power but the tide is changing. One day, at a time. The video vixen is very alluring, indeed.


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