The Blonde Airhead By Linda Wairegi

An airhead is an area in hostile territory secured usually by airborne troops for further use in bringing troops and material by air or a mindless/stupid person according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. It all depends on your perspective.

party toy 087

If someone is described as an airhead or a blonde yet they are a brunette. What gender comes to your mind? I caught you red-handed. Why do people naturally assume that it’s only ladies that can beautiful and brainless. Men can do it too.

You could meet a dashing man with a six-pack, smooth complexion, dazzling smile and good fashion sense. He might even be wearing geek chic glasses and dangling a novel as he walks across in town. Wait, till his lips come apart and wala, there you have it. He finds it hard to put sentences together and strongly believes that his looks will take him to the moon and beyond. Ladies are intrigued by him, they want him in their life till they get a better understanding of where his true strengths lie.

Daring ladies might tell their girlfriends that they’re serving up, what other men have dished to them. They are compartmentalizing him. A cougar might chuckle and state that she isn’t with him for his smarts. She’s with him because of his obvious looks

On the extreme end, the ladies may flock to another man, who is neither handsome nor intelligent. Simply because his father is the owner of a big company, the big fish or perhaps a street in Nairobis’ Central Business District is named after his family. The ladies are in it simply for the cushion that money can provide.

How many times have we heard that it’s better to cry on a Mercedes than on a boda boda. No romance without finance.

Ladies, Johnny Bravo doesn’t only exist on Cartoon Network, take a hard look around you and perhaps you’ll spot a real-life Johnny Bravo. A blonde doesn’t necessarily refer to a lady… It can be anyone


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