Tough People By Linda W. Wairegi

In my opinion, tough people ought to stay in their surroundings or in the hood just like all those urban gangster movies. Where all the tough things happen to the Mr. Tough Guy, whom all the women want and all the men admire. Or in the case of the Mrs. Tough Lady, maybe she doesn’t have the best relationships with female friends but there is a man, who wants to crack her shell.

tough chick person

So tough people ought to stay in their natural habitat because it’s between a hard place and a rock. I think that when nice things happen to tough people, then it just softens us up and makes people less scared of us. Sometimes, there’s even less respect because toughness lead to fear and people behaved in a certain way. I mean think about, who gets in the bully’s’ way in all those movie scenarios or even better, the bully usually has one tough guy, whom he keeps his distance from. You don’t want someone disrespecting you with the false hope that they’ll get away with it.

I may not be like Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious franchise or getting shot nine times like 50 Cent and living to tell the story. Not everything is about bullets, running from the cops or being incinerated. Nor does it have to be about the tall, broad pumped guy with a scars on his face or that girl, who has never smiled or cried and all those stereotypes. So as a chick if my toughness was macho, it would mean that I would have to transform myself into a female wrestler. I’d also have to accompany it with violent outbursts and crazy ideas about what do to do with my foes.

I’d also need a pretty good poker face, I’d have to appear fearless in order to be feared. Also, I’d need to minimize my feminine side, so I’d have to go back to my tomboyish days. Or as I like to think about it, the era before skinny jeans. Though you’d have to track down someone, who knew me before then.

P.S This article originally appeared on Daystar Student Portal


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