Naturally Curly By Linda Wairegi


My curly hair

Cascades like a waterfall

Black and thick

I have fought my hair

Fighting and pulling

Scrunching it

Braiding it

Taming it with chemicals

When I was younger

Everyone wanted straight hair

Like all the movies within movies

They wanted flat black strings on their head

Untamed and colonized

Hypnotized by the crowd

I combed my own flat black strings

Always shielding it from the elements

Different being the same

I entered university

I was tired of scorching my hair

Dozing under the hot air

Bored of curlers uncurling themselves

I decided to tie my hair into knots

Brown, Red and Black braids

Were my usual mix

I traded scorching with pulling

Needing half a day to braid

Till the day

I removed all the different colours

Attempted taming my untamed hair

Rinsing in shampoo and conditioner

Drying under the hot air

My tendrils combed in the mirror

Bobbing up and down

I had hypnotized all my thick curls

His fingers ran through my mane

And I knew

Am a lioness


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