The Age Of The Cool Nerd By Linda Wairegi



Nerds tend to be slightly socially awkward, extremely fashion forward and very interested in technical  subjects, computers, and so much more. In the typical Hollywood narrative, they tend to get bullied in the movies for being different and having a thirst for knowledge. Nowadays, people have a thirst to emulate nerds, as a lifestyle decision and fit in with the crowd. When did this “new cool crowd” crop up?

It is ironic that in this day and age, nerds have become cool. They have become a fashion statement. All of a sudden, everyone wants to express or acquire nerdy characteristics. They want to look smart and cool. Suspenders, geek glasses and whatever else that the modern cultured nerd wears today. Yet, things were not like that when I was in high school. Nerds were never cool. Oh well, I guess that’s what trends are all about, they come and go.

Once upon a time, I made a new friend and he proclaimed that I was the most nerdish girl who he’s met this year. I was strangely intrigued. Back in the recent past that would have been an insult perhaps but nowadays it’s a compliment. Everyone wants to be a nerd. The only people who don’t want to be nerdy are unconscious nerds.There’s an even stranger breed of men, who proclaim that nerdy chicks turn them on sexually and whet their appetite.

I think everything started when over-sized glass-frames followed by bow-ties become trendy and stylish. Nerd chic. Kanye West. Regular people pretending to be short-sighted. Need I say more? Anything that screamed nerdy had to be worn or talked about. I kept wondering what the real nerds were thinking about ever since this nerd revolution. Do they like that people want to emulate them? Or are they simply insulted or intrigued? Are these people pretending to be smart? Are they pretending to have eye problems?

The nerd effect. As I mentioned earlier there are people strangely fascinated with nerdy ladies. I thought hard and came up with the following list.

Smart is sexy. If you’re knowledgeable about a topic and you’re talking about it someone, it can come off as endearing if done well but arrogant and uptight if done excessively. An intelligent female or male can come off attractive pretty easy when they come across as

Less is more. It’s rare finding a nerdy girl wearing tight and revealing clothes, it’s even a little contradictory. You can’t come across as feminist, discussing Maya Angelous’ biography ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ yet you’re dressed like RDX ‘Bend Over’ is you fashion guide. The other nerds might doubt your credibility and the men will find it hard to concentrate on whatever you’re saying.

Creativity.They usually see the world in a completely different world. Some are gifted in how they use words, poetry, storytelling, others could have gifted hands, art. A little artsy and with a different outlook that helps them sift through things at school and their personal lives.

Quirkiness. They come off as a little strange, it could be in the things they do maybe they they’re turned on by black-rimmed glasses, suspenders, braces or how they act, they use elephantine words to describe to small things, it’s hard holding a normal conversation with them. A few are extreme and it doesn’t seem like normal is a word in the vocabulary.


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