Social Media Crazies By Linda Wairegi

The social media is exploding all around us. I don’t know whether it’s exploding for the better or for the worse. Imagine if I Instagrammed every moment of my life with my fresh out of bed look to I’m starving and I don’t feel like cooking again. Tweeting like the birds, live-tweeting all the highs and the lows of life and forgetting that sometimes the professional world ask for our Twitter handles whenever we submit a curriculum vitae. I think, we are all turning into social media crazies because we are addicted to it and we can’t save ourselves.


social media image


From every single one person, who has to check their Facebook page at least twice day before sleeping to those, who like watching clips on YouTube. You know you’re one when your friends find it easier to find you online as opposed to meeting up in person. You are always online, it doesn’t matter where you are or what kind of deadlines, and you’re dealing with. Its automatically expected that you have a presence almost everywhere Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter and et cetera. You name it. You’ve got it. The social media has captured all of us and has left very few prisoners.

If you aren’t on social media, then everyone thinks that you live under a rock and that you just need a jump-start your social media life. They also think that you’re socially awkward and that you just don’t understand how social media works. The plot thickens whenever a recruiter asks you submit your social media links along with your curriculum vitae when you apply for a position.

Its easier to find people on Facebook, post long posts about yourself and send friends requests.  You have the freedom to tell us, how you met your current ex, three years ago, all of the presents he gave you and how the relationship fell apart at the seams.

On the other hand, Twitter is very fast paced and not everyone understands how Twitterverse works. The trends are continuously changing. Twitter is all about why should I follow you, are you engaging or witty? There is a character limit but you won’t look like a social media addict if you’re always tweeting because it’s all about Keeping up with the Joneses.

Instagram is pretty cool on its own. You only need words to caption your image. It’s all about the pictures. Are they fun? Are they good quality? Are they quirky? It’s like a reflection of the popularity of photography. Instagram is like a man of few words, he doesn’t feel need the need to threaten you with condemnation if you don’t share his post or comment on it. One only needs a smart phone with a good quality camera, to join up and make waves in the Instagram community. Alternatively, you could use a camera, store the pictures on your laptop and add them to your Instagram.

I’m still trying to understand Pinterest. It’s all about boards. You create boards whenever you find something that you like. Its filled with memes, infographics and images, some are eye-catching and insightful.

There’s also Google + and if you have a Gmail account, then, you’re already a member. It’s a place where you can share pictures, videos, polls and so much more. It’s not as popular as other sites. Can you imagine being asked in an interview how Google + can be used for social media marketing?

We all have a social media addict, close to us.


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