Let’s Get An Intern On That By Linda Wairegi

I like browsing through Brighter Monday, it’s pretty straightforward. Attach your CV and submit your application. No need to formulate an engaging cover letter. Cross your fingers and hope that somebody contacts you.

Sometimes I come across strange job advertisements. Good looks are a must? Must be conversant with MS Word? Master’s degree considered advantageous for internship position?

I’ve also seen weird prerequisites for internship position, that seem excessive yet again change is constant. Yet, we know that the point of an internship is to gain practical experience and learn new skills. You also discover if you chose to study the right degree.


Getting a Bachelors’ degree in Kenya is something that we’re all expected to. You’ll need one to get the door open in the first place. Getting a masters’ degree is needed if you expect to move up the ladder. If you don’t have one, your family will lament that you may end up stagnating at your current day job.

You might see a pretty young thing bustling over a projector and over hear someone commenting “that’s my intern”.

“Your intern dresses so fashionably”.

“That intern is so eloquent”.

“Let’s get two interns on that so that we don’t have to hire a qualified individual and cut down costs”.

“Let’s get an intern on that”.

You’ll definitely hear horror stories like I was made to work from dusk to dawn and after my initial internship I was really optimistic about getting a job. Instead they kept me hanging around with any clear direction till I became so frustrated that I simply left. Or you’ll hear mundane things like I fetched coffee and took minutes yet I was expecting so much more.

I once heard a story about a lady whom wondered whether her boss was running an illegal business. Whenever, her boss had meetings, she was asked to take the day off plus the office was just one room that he would lock it with a padlock.

*Paul* told me that people just piled their work on top of what his supervisor had already given him. It was a hellish time.

*Mary* kept hanging around at the organization till they pulled her aside and informed her that she needed to resign because they no longer needed. Though sometimes they call her randomly to assist when they’re having an event.

You also get a least one person that acted as a pawn in office politics. Plan A has been sanctioned by his supervisor but the big fish has a different alternative. Your friend is pressured into halfway implementing both opposing ideas because they don’t want to anger either of them.

Some employers believe in using carrot and the stick in order to motivate them to carry out their bidding. After, everything is said and done, interns are dropped like hotcakes till intern hunting season resumes. There is no clear structure on whether that company ever assimilates previous interns into the workforce.

In rare occasions, some interns are simply too powerful and talking back to them could be detrimental to your career growth. I’m talking about highly specialized interns that have been flown in to tackle issues that elude the locals. You know what mean.


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