You’re Proudly Anti-Valentines By Linda Wairegi

People that hate Valentine’s Day aren’t an anomaly. They just don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Valentines is just like any other day. In fact, it’s not even a real holiday because people are still expected to show up to work and or school.

A few people will be bitter and twisted because of all the disappointments that they’ve gone through. At least one of your friends feels like she’s been kissing the same frogs over and over again. You’ll always find a man lamenting that he can’t find the perfect lady to settle down with. All the ladies, he’s ever been interested in him only want him for his money or his looks.

They’ll be bored by the people that are simply floating on air or spending big money on their loved ones.

I’m sure that you’ve heard of a man hiring a helicopter to surprise his loved one. Or the lady that bought her hubby a brand new range rover. It could be a romantic getaway for two to Zanzibar.

On the other side of the coin, there will also be people hate this day with a passion and see no reason why its marked on peoples’ calendars. ‘It’s not a real holiday any way’, ‘People still have to go to work’ ‘If people only declare their love on one specific day, then, is it really love?’.

Valentines will remind them of all the past lovers that they’ve ever scorned and the ones that never gave them a chance. They’ll be happy to be single, sassy and happy. Whilst feeling sorry for their friends, who have a special someone in their life because it’s only a matter of time till things fall apart.

If a man is a miser, then he’ll hate this day with a passion because he doesn’t want to waste a penny on his lady. He hates that pressure is placed on men to buy everything and anything that is covered in red. Why waste good money on flowers, chocolates and taking the missus out on a date. When Mark met Bernice they ate chapatti and beans at a local café and later took a walk in Uhuru Park but now she wants more. He wishes that she’d stop nagging him.

Alice is a super successful black woman, who believes that she can do anything by herself. She doesn’t understand why other ladies are trapped by men. Alice answers to no-one. Though she’s tired of her family pressurizing her to settle down and bring someone back home. On Valentine’s Day, it’s even worse because everyone is celebrating that they have a special someone in their life that they just can’t live without. Alice wishes that everyone was as self-sufficient as her. She can simply buy a pet if she needs companionship or get a special friend.

We all know someone that has a horror story or two from their past Valentines escapades. It could be that she was disillusioned by finding anyone that showed her affectation or maybe he decided to get a girlfriend like his friends. It ended badly. Two lonely souls that decided any relationship is better than seeking someone more suitable.

Lastly, we have the critics and they’re pretty pessimistic. You have to bump into someone like this at least once in your life and their negative vibes will bring you down hard. Somebody who fails to see beauty in anything. They only see dark clouds and rainy days ahead of them.

You conversed with them once and that was enough. Of course, they’ll hate this day because it’s in their DNA to hate it.


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