In A World Of Firsts By Linda Wairegi

Your hands are super sweaty. Not knowing what to do with them or where to place them. Anxious yet excited. If you’re a guy, then look as cool as a cucumber. You don’t want girls gossiping about your inexperience.

What happens when two people lean close to each other till they press their lips together? Releasing Oxycontin (the love hormone), burning calories, lowering stress levels and becoming happy. Ladies picture a Nicholas Sparks movie, tender yet passionate because they hold their pillows and dream about it.  Breathless and caught up in the moment.



Did I brush my teeth today? Do I have a breath mint in my purse. Will he mind my strawberry lip balm? I like wearing my hair down, should I hold it up so it doesn’t get in the way. I’ve never kissed a boy. Do I tilt right or left? What if I don’t like it? Fake it? What if I want to lead? Will he think that I’m too different from all the other girls. I really like him but I don’t want him to think that I’m inexperienced , sleazy or just another pretty face. Lips together. Lips apart. Maggie told me about french kissing but it sounds weird and slightly unsanitary. Two tongues touching each other…


Do I look at her face or…? Since my eyes tend to just drift downwards. Should I compliment her, she always smells really nice and fruity. Is she expecting me to make the first move because I’m a guy but I wish she could do it instead. I’m just mimicking what I see on TV. Am I any good?. Kissing is like a sport. Do I need practice to be good it?  Do I open my eyes to make sure  we’re leaning in the same direction? All the guys joke about it and how its straightforward. Always laughing at clueless guys….

Chick + Guy = The Dream

Everything slows down and things come into place. Derrick & Katie will find their way to each other like falling leaves swirling with the wind. He’ll gently tug her hair and lean in for the kiss. She’ll open her mouth slightly and make contact with him with tender pressure building into urging passion. They’ll only come apart when they come up for air like dolphins.

Chick + Guy = The Reality

‘I like your hair. Did you change it’ says Derrick with uneasiness and hesitation.

‘Thanks’, Katie responds shyly.

He moves closer to her and puts his right hand over her shoulder. Her gaze wonders repeatedly from the roof and the floor. She’s looking for her words but can’t formulate anything at the moment.

Derrick is thinking to himself about how he needs to be the man and what he should do next. His hands are clammy and his left foot keeps fidgeting non-stop. With fire in his belly, he loves her scent and nice smile.

Reaching into her brown sling bag, Katie looks for her lip balm and decides to re-apply it. Wanting to look nice for her first kiss like a hopeless romantic.

She turns back her face and finds his face inches from hers. Deciding to guess which angle to turn. She takes a deep breath and moves closer towards him. Till they’re almost there. Barely breathing from each other, with half-closed eyes and butterflies in their stomach. No braces in sight. Talk about living on the edge.

Going for the kill. She moves closer. He bites her by accident.

The end.


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