Waist trainers: is it an obsession or the in thing? By LINDA WAIREGI

Waist trainers: obsession or the in thing? Waist trainers: obsession or the in thing?

There’s a lady in your neighbourhood and she’s starting to resemble Nicki Minaj, but you aren’t sure if your eyes are playing tricks on you. Last month, she looked very motherly, the type of lady that you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if she requested to meet your mother. Nowadays, you lose the power of speech whenever she greets you in the corridor on her way back home.

There’s a boom in the hour-glass figure business. An hour-glass figure is no longer about genetics; inheriting your figure from your mum or your grandmother.

Kim spotted a lady and he swears her curves look similar to a coke bottle. As his friends we laughed at him and told him he was probably exaggerating the whole affair. He was adamant that he tuned her in, she even offered him her number so that they could keep in touch and maybe hang out in the future. Before they parted ways, as usual Kim reached out for a goodbye hug so that he could innocently feel her out. Instead he felt something hard and wiry barricading both of them.

Waist trainers are the craze and the in thing.

That’s the beauty of waist trainers. You don’t need to see them to appreciate what they are capable of. Doesn’t the average man want a super curvy woman? Be careful what you wish for.

Never mind they are tight and some doctors are cautioning ladies against them. They say its unnatural to constrict your body, and that you might be causing internal damage to your organs by wearing them.

Doctors will also say you can’t reduce fat in one area of your body thus with the waist trainer, you can’t only lose tummy fast. Yes, you will be forced to eat smaller portions whilst wearing the contraption – but you’ll probably binge eat afterwards.

Yet, there are more articles that talk about how celebrities use them and how Kim Kardashian swears by using it.

The typical conversation is you don’t need to invest in health and fitness like typical people do. Instead, you just need to buy two waist trainers, so that you can alternate them on different days and let them breathe just like a bra.

You don’t need to be in a gym, flabbing your arms in circles or hitting the treadmill. Money doesn’t have to be wasted on items like sports bras, gym tights or running shoes. Plus, you no longer have to fix damage caused by strenuous exercise, like hair damage or broken nails.

You can have a dream body. With the right waist trainer. You could tell all those nutritionists and doctors that have calmly told you your waist line could use a bit of exercise off. They keep throwing words like diabetics, stroke, hypertension and all these other medical jargons. Don’t they know about the magic of waist trainers. Why aren’t they telling other people about them?

Fact: There’s to alternative to having a healthy lifestyle.

This post originally appeared in The Star Newspaper. Here’s the URL http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2015/11/21/waist-trainers-is-it-an-obsession-or-the-in-thing_c1230767?page=0%2C1


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