Want to be the best socialite? Do the unthinkable


Vera Sidika poses next to her new ride. Vera Sidika poses next to her new ride.

Every time you’re online surfing the Internet, updating all your social media sites or looking at furry animals. You come across various pictures of that would give your mother a heart attack and send her six feet under.

Here in Kenya, we have redefined what a socialite is. So anyone can be a socialite including you. Instead of only taking nude pictures, creating a buzz and being paid to attend parties because you have people that follow you, why not take it a notch higher? Be the best socialite that you can be.

You could rise higher than the current crop of socialites. Why don’t you hire a publicist, someone crazy enough to help you brand yourself? After all, you don’t want to be another lady whose private pictures were leaked by an ex-boyfriend. You plan on making real money that will make a difference in your life.

You want tasty, monochrome nude pictures of yourself that highlight all your assets and cover your essentials. Perhaps you could align yourself with the fashion houses and create a career as a model. At these fashion events, you could mingle with the high and mighty, people that can afford the clothes that you’re wearing. You can whisper and network with the right people especially those in the media.

On the other hand, you could try it as video vixen and work your way into getting a music contract. Here is the important bit: definitely release more than one song per year, please. Release an album and give established artistes a run for their money. You could end up working with the same production house as the once vibrant Camp Mulla.

You could be bigger than this Kenyan lady based in Nigeria or STL based in Norway because you decided to concentrate on branding yourself. So create a hot album, connect with corporates because that’s where the big money is and start a business such as a salon, and marry a wealthy man.

Whilst in the background, your publicist is working tirelessly because she needs to change your image from a social climber with nude images online to a polished, entrepreneurial lady. A lady that will still be earning money even when her body isn’t as flexible as it used to be. If you only rely on your body then your career will have a very short span. It also means that extra pressure will be placed on you so that you remain sexy forever.

As you networked with media moguls, you could end up hosting a show on television or becoming a radio anchor. This will give you a steady paycheck and allow you stay in the limelight.

Meanwhile, you will keep an eye out for Mr Money but you’ll want one to settle down within the right circles. You’ll want one with the right connections. After all, you’re not the typical socialite, mired by rumours about sleeping with foreign men for tonnes of money. You are smarter than that, you went to university and you don’t plan on selling yourself short.

You want to move on up the ladder from the outside, with no connections or no wealth attached to your name. Kim Kardashian is a millionaire and it all started from a sex tape. So why should you release tacky semi-nude pictures on Instagram or Twitter? Create non-existent beef with other socialites; talk about how expensive your attire is and expect to remain relevant. Beyoncé is more than a pretty face, so set yourself apart from all the other socialites. Be the best socialite that you can be.

This post originally appeared on The Star Newspaper. Here’s the URL http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2015/10/10/want-to-be-the-best-socialite-do-the-unthinkable_c1218620


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