This obsession with ‘beauty’ is laughable By LINDA WAIREGI



You could look like anyone you want in the world. The only thing holding you back is money. You heard me.

There’s a lady who looks like Barbie. All you have to do is Google and you’ll find her and it’s all because of the beauty of plastic surgery. Her rib cage was partially removed so that she can have an unbelievable waist. It looks painfully thin. Her boobs were increased on the other hand. It made me realise just how far Barbie is from the average body proportions.

I wondered why anyone would want their ribs removed or who would agree to carry out such a procedure. It doesn’t sound safe in any way. Can you really wear a corset with a rib cage?

Quite a number of celebrities have had a little work done. I think the most obvious one is probably Nicki Minaj. I mean her career has taken off. So it isn’t a big deal.

As time flies, one day getting a shot of Botox will be the same as buying milk from your local shop.

Everything that you feel is flawed on your body will easily be erased.

You want to be bootylicious like the typical video vixen in the music videos that you love watching. Buying those padded underwear sets is just a temporary solution and you need something more permanent. Get your butt enhanced and uplifted so that it fits you just right.

It could be that as a lady, puberty hit and your body just refused to move past an A-Cup. You want more cleavage plus a wonder-bra just isn’t enough. You just want bigger boobs. So just do it.

Alex has chubby cheeks because he loves his food and beer. However, he doesn’t like it when drunk ladies playfully pinch his cheek and ‘awwh’ at him for being so cute. Men want to be masculine and powerful. He could have a strong jawline if he has necessary funds.

Michele has been fighting against the bulge for a really long time. She swears she’s eating right and hitting the treadmill but her pounds just aren’t dropping. She just doesn’t understand where she’s been going wrong. “Why aren’t my pounds just dropping?” she asks me rhetorically.

She could use a plastic surgeon to trim off the fat and stitch her back together. So that it can push Michele in the right direction and it’ll give her a new figure that all of her friends could kill for.

On a serious note, sometimes surgery is needed because it’s reconstructive after something traumatic happened to you. Or you entered the world that way like children born with a cleft lip and you want to feel normal.

It could have been an accident like a car crash or a fire has left you severely disfigured. Perhaps you kicked cancer’s butt and you want to regain your confidence back.

Let’s just say something happened and you feel that going under the knife will help you regain your confidence.

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