The Art Of Stalking By Linda Wairegi

You’ve been eyeing that co-worker for a while now.  You just don’t know how to approach them. Honestly, perhaps they’re sexy and fierce but intimidating and gravely serious.  Anna cares about her career growth but she’s been eyeing Will since the first day that she started working at Company X. Cautious yet curious, she wants to know more about what makes him tick.




Cathy noticed Abel, the first week that she joined campus. Eager to learn more, she knows what degree he’s pursuing, his favourite football team and the type of stuff that he likes. He stands out from all the other freshmen guys. Abel is part of the campus rugby team and Cathy is almost done cramming all the rules about the game. Coincidentally, they’ve bumped into each other and he always gives her a small smile.

Everyone has had a crush before but you just don’t know how to go about it. Quite a number of moments, are spent either bumping into them or prepping yourself in case you run into your crush.  You want to research them before you make a move on them. You really like them but somehow every time you open your mouth, you end up sounding dumb and smiling like the sun.

Danny has liked Angela for far too long but she doesn’t know that he exists. Danny knows that she likes coffee every morning with no sugar. Angela sits up straight and keeps her eyes steady whenever anyone addresses her.

Being sly, Anna quickly became friendly with his close colleagues so she can do her homework on him. Thus, it wasn’t awkward at all when Anna started chatting with Will and cracking jokes. He doesn’t know that he’s being worked on. Ladies don’t need to stay at home waiting to be pursued.

Nowadays, stalking is no longer about wearing a hoodie and following your crush everywhere, they go. Nobody has that kind of time because everyone has a side hustle but you still want to know your crush better. Start stalking online before you progress to offline. I call this the art of stalking because you don’t want to overdo it and scare away your crush.

Use the social media platforms to your own advantage. Befriend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check out their Instagram posts and subscribe to their blog. You’ll probably end up learning what kind of stuff that they like doing in their free time and their hobbies. Do they like dogs or cats? Check out the type of hashtags that they like and find out, what type of trends motivate them to speak out.

Worried about whether or not, your crush is ambitious or successful enough to keep up with you. Just look for them on LinkedIn but don’t forget to be anonymous. It’ll also give you details about their professional life. That way you’ll know what kind of school they went to and what they studied.

If plan on stalking them physically, then always keep an appropriate. After all, they already know what you look and if you work together then you don’t want them reporting you to HR.

Go with somebody else so it seems like you and your friend are catching up. Nothing will look stranger than you being alone and trying to act like you’re busy. Break eye contact with them because you definitely don’t want them feeling uncomfortable by your presence.

Lastly, put yourself in your crushes shoes and don’t attempt anything that doesn’t feel right to you.


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