The Unexpected Bully By Linda Wairegi

As a kid, you were either a bully or a victim, and on the rare occasion, you’ve played both cards. Alternatively, there was another category that were unscathed, the untouched. This individual was never bullied throughout their school life. This person could have been both popular, smart and slightly weird.




The typical bully is stereotyped as being physically intimidating yet not too brainy and perhaps sporty. You know the type. The guy is pretty good with sports but pretty bad with math and or English. However, the girl is pretty, popular but shallow and mean. She doesn’t pretend to be smart and the boys don’t pretend to care about that. All the girls want to be her and the boys literally want a piece of her then. She could have been the first one to discover how to utilize make-up in the fight against acne.

As a victim, you were probably smarter than your bully. You could have been chubby with thick-rimmed glasses and an acute lack of fashion sense. Perhaps Pythagoras Theorem turned you on or your love Shakespeare transcended time and you were just immune to whatever trend caught hold off all the other teens. Thus, you were a target but now the times have changed.

What you haven’t heard a lot about is the unexpected bully.

It could be the smart kid bullying the slow learner and taunting him/her relentlessly, slowing chipping away at their self-esteem. The sweet skinny girl that acts all nice to borrow things from you that she never plans on giving back because that’s not how she operates. She’ll grease you up with butter as she feeds stories. You don’t want to seem rude by telling her no so you remain ambiguous until you’re forced to make a decision.

It could be that vertically challenged man that still sees bullies all over the world. He was picked on because he was the shortest amongst his peers and an easy target. So he decided to get back at people through his satirical vocabulary because facing them physically isn’t the best idea. You know the type, you’re open minded but you still find their jokes, a bit too crude and distasteful. Guys also make jokes about how ladies have tricky time dating short men because they feel the need to over compensate for their height.

Alternatively, you have the super curvy lady that likes picking on her narrower and slender counterpoint. She might mention that ‘her friend’ has non-existent curves and isn’t a real African woman. With little taunts and jibs because her body looks very different and close to what most people regard as beauty standards. With little taunts like ‘Imagine, I’ve never seen her eat before’ or ‘She eats so little’.

Let’s not forget the social media bigwigs. Date one. Break up with them. You aren’t sure that they might start a smear campaign against you online and tag all your friends and family. That was a crazy idea. While being online, you don’t even need to know your victim before you turn up the heat on them and force them to delete their accounts. They’ll be turned into a victim of cyber-bullying.


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