Feeling You

You know am feeling you

The same way am feeling him

Action, reaction

What am I gonna do?

Am usually not like this

Let me tell you

It’s your scent I dream about

I dream about the way it lingers

The way I feel you all around

But you’re not here

How can I deliver hugs and kisses into the air

Grabbing at all the nothingness around me

I can’t live on air alone

Breathing it in

Yet drowning in it at the same time

With all the false promises, it gives me

He gives me

Empty adoration

I am well-tended to

Waited on

Gazed upon countless

Yet not wished to understood

In a perfect little world,

I am beautiful

In another kind of light

I am simply stunning

But I don’t understand any of it

Simply because, I am not humane

You always cared about what was on the inside

With you away, it’s withered

Yes, I have grown strong but cold as well

I can’t see true beauty in myself

In order to do that

I have to find myself first

I can’t remember the last time I laughed

I miss myself

I miss you

Yet I still feel you


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