Coffee Everywhere… Part 2

Freshly Roasted isn’t the biggest coffee-house by far but we have loyal customers.


I’ve definitely held down this job for far too long. I can’t lie.  This year has been rough on Freshly Roasted.

I met up with my friends once in a while but they are never picky about where we meet up. They aren’t strictly #TemaJava or #TeamArtcafe. Yet, I can’t but notice that coffee shops are showing up everywhere and anywhere without a care in the world.

Priya looks as cool as a cucumber and she’s told all of us that we have nothing to worry about. Last week, she was worried though with a creased forehead and tense perhaps she just didn’t want to scare her minions. Scrolling through her Ipad with deep, short breaths and a cigarette between her pale lips. I overheard her tell our coffee supplier that ‘Freshly Roasted’ would pay him later than usual but that he had nothing to worry about. Your boss always needs to act like the toughest bulldog in the ring so that other dogs don’t try to pick on you.

I’m not worried. Why should I be? I can find another job in a heartbeat.  That’s a lie. I’m a little worried. I try not to think about it but my side hustle isn’t picking up, so I really need this gig now. Who’s heard of a male waiter with medical insurance? It sounds like a mind trick.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dream of being a barista like Sam. He thinks that he’s going a famous barista and travel the world to fancy coffee houses and meet many fine-ass chicks. He’ll still settle down a village girl. He’s never told me where he comes from though because he doesn’t want anyone else sniffing around his territory.

‘Alex, do you have any ideas’, a high-pitched voice breaks into my day-dream. She locks her eyes with mine.

I forget Priya called for a meeting out of the blue.

I straighten my shirt and take a moment to remember, what we were discussing about. I spot Mary whispering to Angie and Angie nods at her in approval. Mary always talks in these meetings so I’m sure she said something smart.

‘Priya, I agree with Mary’s’ idea’, I respond slowly.

It’s a bold move but I decide to put my money there. I don’t like being placed on the spotlight without any warning.

Mary’s’ face becomes a little flushed so I give a small wink and she turns away momentarily. She started wearing pink lipstick, I wonder when that started…

‘The one about have a pink theme for Valentine’s day’, she adds.

‘All girls love pink’, I finish off for her.

I hear some grunts and a sharp inhale from behind me. I feel like a FIDA (Federation Of Women Lawyers in Kenya) agent is watching me and marking me. In one of my crazy nightmares, they round all the lazy men and decide to indoctrinate them till they become perfect little men like that weird Hollywood movie.

Priya re-adjusts her green sari with an intricate gold pattern. It clashes with her bright blonde hair and pale skin. She could have been an ‘English rose’ in her younger days.

There is a sharp knock, followed by a pause and another precise knock.

‘I’ll think about it’, Priya declares ambivalently and no-one questions her statement.


Standing in front of a mirror, I realized that my shirt looks weird since I didn’t button up properly. I fix myself up immediately  because Priya can be pretty serious about this sort of stuff.

This coffee house has high standards. I can hear her voice in my head.

Short nails. Tidy hair. No gaudy make-up or excessive jewelry. The funny thing is that she likes dreadlocks and supports marijuana as a cancer treatment.Plus this place had a funky smell for a few days after last years’ Christmas bash when her Jamaican husband passed by with his pals.

I will never complain about that. Wink. Wink

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