The World Is Ending…


Imagine knowing doomsday is right around the corner even after laughing it out. The exact date. The exact time. You have decided to kick your bucket list into hyper gear. Time is of the essence.

The good little church girl might decide to go wild. Have a lover. Drop him fast.  She’s tired of people chaining her to strict morals and not giving her a chance to breathe.

Annie* wants to go to a real party and she doesn’t want to get caught up planning the next kesha because life is too short.

practice 022

The quiet nice man that married a wildfire when she was still passionate and sexy in his eyes. He assumed that things would straighten themselves out over time. He’d become king of the castle. She shot him down fiercely. Without batting an eyelash, he decides to leave her and cut out all of the stress out of his life.

Have you been hiding your boyfriend/girlfriend in the closet? You’ll unleash them for the whole world to see. Your boyfriend is an artist and your daddy is a scientist. It won’t matter that your friends have been shredding your exes into parts. Making you doubt your sanity. It simply won’t matter.

Super healthy conscious? Eat chocolate. Live a little. Taste every dessert you can think of. Break up with your gym. Extra inches aren’t a big deal anymore. Make every second count.

Call up your real family. This isn’t necessarily your blood family but friends and family that always have your back.

Time has been passing you by.  Beautiful books are yellowing yet you’ve turned their pages. Books have more depth than the movie but you say whatever. Since nobody got time for that, buy that caramel popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Let’s not forget every single person whose new year’s resolution is turning your passion into a paycheck. If your job makes you dread every Monday morning and ecstatic on Friday evenings. Simply leave your office and never come back. Do what makes you feel alive.

Been dreaming of Kempinski, Tribe. Order orange juice and take it all in.  Attend every event that you like and dance the nights away. Nobody cares if you have two left feet.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. You want to get even with people that crossed you in the past.  Your boyfriend was stolen like a pair of shoes. Your colleague stole all the credit from a big project and now he’s in the line-up for a major promotion.

You’ve been planning this for a long time and meditating on it.. Nick is super shy and he rarely talks making conversation with him is like squeezing water from your rock. He is definitely burning on the inside. Will he explode on his last day on earth?

Nick is super shy and making small talk with him is like squeezing water from your rock. Definitely burning and smouldering on the inside. He might explode on his last day?

Melancholy might consume you because life isn’t exactly what you thought it would be. A moment to regret lost opportunities, short kisses and scorned desserts.



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