The Fake Break-up By Linda Wairegi

Let’s take a break. Let’s have space. It’s not you. It’s me. That’s how break-ups happen.


You’ve probably dated x number of people. What people don’t know won’t hurt them. Nobody should be judging you. They don’t know what you’ve been through or what others have you made go through.

Something happens in the relationship and one you utters ‘we need to talk’ solemnly. In the midst of that conversation, one of you suggests that both of you could use with a bit of space. If this happens via text, then you might decide to ignore it but face to face then you definitely have to respond. Also, you don’t want to look frazzled so you’ll probably agree with the idea.

This could be something silly and inconsequential that both of you will bounce back. Alternatively, it’s the beginning of then end and you can sense it from a mile ahead.

You’ll probably feel mad at some point. You’ll wonder how someone has the nerve to do that you after all the effort that you put in. All the times that you held your tongue in case he/she was arrogant, condescending or something else that used to drive you up the wall. All because you didn’t want to start a fight instead you wanted to keep the peace.

Every moment that has ever made you red hot and steaming mad comes back at you in a rush. Benny knows this all too well because his girlfriend is over dramatic and she’s put him to hell and back. Loving her was never easy and he always wanted a break or two from her.

*Annie* was a little hurt and her mind couldn’t think straight for a while so she stayed quiet. She decided that she just couldn’t say anything. It hurt her mind to think because she just started remembering all the moments that they shared and the ones that they would have in the future. Thinking of how she would explain this situation to people that used to admire and look up. Seeing pity in their eyes and wondering where she went wrong and if she could have done anything differently.

On the other hand, *Lisa* was extremely ecstatic when Dan even suggested the idea. The idea always interested her plus when he said ‘Let’s have space’ then she heard ‘Let’s start seeing other people’. Plus, she’d thought of breaking up with him before but she never really went through with it. At the back of her mind was a gnawing feeling that something was missing from their relationship.

Lisa started comparing her Dan to all the other frogs or princes that she had turned down because she was loyal to him. Standing by his side, supporting his dreams and ambitions and pulling him back whenever he was done. The cute ones. Team Mafisi. Strange & stalkeresque suitors.

With a rush of energy, she thought all the fun that she could go through and all the different type of men that she would meet. First dates. Playing hard to get. Watching a man squirm in your presence and knowing that it’s all because of you.  Dressing up for the occasion and feeling like a girl.

*Max* is just anxious about being separated from his longtime girlfriend and wonders what’s next. He’s being with her so long that she feels like a part of him that he’ll take a while to shake off. They’ve been fighting battles, growing closer together and planning the future. He’s always thought that it was her. Now he just doesn’t know.

Plus nobody can really tell if it’s a prequel to an eventual break-up or just a simple break from the relationship.


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