It’s finally over By Linda Wairegi

It’s finally over

Dying embers of hot ashes

Ashes that float away with the wind

With a fan lying on the ground


A dying branch

Writhing in pain and confusion

With a hurt deeper

Than it deep roots can feel

Slowly bending out of shape

That haven’t felt a drop of water

Or felt a ray of sunshine

Alone yet not lonely

Shattering the brown earth

Unconsciously but fiercely


It’ll live another day

After its twisted out it emotions

Allowed them to air a bit

Letting the heavy air hover around it

Each root felt half-dead

Almost numbing the pain

Till the pain sears at it

All over again

Willing it to carry on

Like the cycle of life


Till the root self-heals

Throbbing, silently and deeply

Yet slowly and seamlessly

It’ll move on and up

Feeling the sunlight on its branch

Writhing itself just right

Feeling the warmth radiating through its bark

Knowing that it’s sturdy

Knowing that it’s survived harsh chills

That have left their mark on it


Or is it the final shoe dropping

Your season is over

Raspy voiced good-mornings are over

Or rushed yet delayed good-byes

Nothing is owed to you

But yet, you owe nothing

You are free

Decisions no longer made in unison

Anger shared in unison

Happy moments

Long tense deliberations

Hard and heady talks

Bursts of sweet moments

Saucier fights

Things are still left unsaid

Hanging heavy in the air


It’s finally over

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