Kung Fu Man – Travelling To Sudan

I love travelling. It’s in my blood. Seeing new places and immersing myself in a new culture. Sometimes, karma smiles upon me and my boss tells me about a foreign trip. It’s the usual business, meeting with shareholders and making sure that they never consider pulling the plug on funding us.

You never know if you’ll wake up one day and find out that your N.G.O. (Non-Governmental Organisation) closed down overnight. Speaking of which, do you ever wonder about the Somalia experts and the closure of the Dadaab refugee camp?


I need to rush through my presentation. My boss set a deadline on something…

“Lizzie. Finish it the way, we discussed,” the Boss tells me as he leaves my cubicle while I’m still typing away.

In my head, I can’t remember a single conversation like that. I dare not contradict Bossman. I can’t end up as another statistic like my predecessor. His exit is legendary at Save The Humans Inc.

“Excuse me, can I have your boarding pass?” asks a Sudan Airways attendant as she leans over her desk and snaps me out of my thoughts.

I snap out of my daydream instantly.

“Yes,” I say as I start searching furiously through my blue handbag. Giving up, I decide to pull up my tablet and try a long shot.

I look at her with a straight face “I printed it out. I just can’t find it at the moment,” I add slowly “Can I just show you?” I add as I start unlocking my tablet.

She’s eyeing me like a bodyguard for Trey Songz, who has been instructed to handle overly eager female fans, firm and gentle. With a tight red smile over pearly whites, getting ready to tell me that I need to step aside so that other passengers don’t miss the flight.

I decide to ignore her vibe. I can’t miss this flight. I don’t want to be a legend like Steve.

“That’s my boarding pass”, I wave the tablet in her face

“O0h, I see,’ she tries to smile but it sounds unconvincing to me.

She bends down to type on her keyboard, looks again at my tablet. It’s showing a screen saver of my friends and me.

She stares at it incredulously.


“Guess what, I think you’re magic,”

Kungu Fu man takes a little time to catch one ‘What’s up?” he greets me.

“I almost missed my flight. Till the Sudan Airways attendant saw your picture and decided to change her mind,” I rush through the gist of my story since we’re almost being told to switch off our phones.

The air hostess has already started walking up and down the aisle checking the overhead carrier.

“Ati you’re using Sudan Airways,” his voice is starting to break a little.

“I’ll call you soon,” I tell him calmly, ‘Elizabeth says hi,’ I add quickly before hanging up.

“That cra-,” he says shouting but his words are starting to disappear.

I cut my phone quickly. I don’t want to spot one of the air hostesses. I don’t want problems. Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. With your food. Watching Trevor Noah has been making me a little paranoid.

30 Minutes later.

She approaches me. Her first name is Elizabeth and of course, she knows him.

I’ve never heard of her but it doesn’t sound impossible. After all, can you say that you know all of your friends’ friends? I honestly can’t.

Even on those reality shows about serial killers or night runners. Their best friends never had a clue about them. Instead, they talk about innocent childhood memories like remembering the first pet or racing with all the kids in the neighbourhood.

I decide to give to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Elizabeth tells me about how Kung Fu man and she were once an item. It was brief, passionate and intense. Long walks, cooking, plus chilling, doing Sudoku together and watching Netflix. Suits was their favourite show as a couple.

A little friction existed between Elizabeth and Kung Fu man’s mum because she isn’t exactly middle class. She started from the bottom literally but she concentrated on her growing love for him.

1 hour later.

I’m in Sudan.


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