Kung Fu Man – Sudan (Part 2)

Walking out of the airport, I reach into my bag, switch on my smartphone. With my right hand in the air, I beckon a taxi to come over.

Pale white, old and extremely battered, it comes over quickly. Opening the passenger seat, I sit down and my handbag starts vibrating furiously.

My boss is looking for me, I think to myself.


Reaching into my handbag, pulling out my phone and picking it up instantly.

“I’m coming for you,” Kungu Fu Man says brief and hangs up instantly.


Packing my things fast. I have to leave immediately. I can’t believe she’s resurfaced…


Presenting my ID at the receptionist desk.

“I’m Wambui and I’ve been booked here for a company retreat”, I say to the man sitting in front of me on a comfortable office chair.

He lifts his head once from his desktop screen. Smiles at me briefly with pearly whites and a nice face to match.

Spending time with Kung Fu Man is turning me into a boy. I need to remember that.

“Hey,” a friendly voice appears as I’m elbowed in the back.

It’s her. The mysterious friend. The reason that he’s coming over. Kung Fu Man is weird just like me. I’m never fazed by him.

“Our airways keeps us here for the night,” she breathes at me.

“Will you eat first or freshen up,” he asks me gently.

“She’ll eat first,” she answers for me without waiting for a response.


Ring. Ring.

I pick up “Hi mum.”

“Why aren’t you opening up?” mum asks quickly.

I respond to her “I told you that I’m leaving.”

“Yeah, si you’re at the kiosk,” she’s pretty flippant about it.

“I’m going to Khartoum,” I tell her.

“Is Khartoum somewhere in Karen?” she asks innocently.

“No mum, I’m going to Sudan,” I tell her calmly.

“What? To do What?” she screams in my ear, “COME HOME NOW,” and finishes off by ordering me.

“Mum. Love you. I’m hanging up,” I finish off the conversation.

“Wait-,” mums’ voice is cut as I hang up.

The tarmac is windy and this plane isn’t that big compared to the other ones. The runway lights are starting to come on since it’s almost dusk. I feel tired but it’s better that I get to Wambui ASAP. I know she loves laughing at my predicaments but this is different. I have to keep her safe.


“Do you honestly like flying?” I look at her dead on as I ask her.

“Yes, Wambui. I do,” she responds matter of fact.

“No, you must get tired of it all. Everyone gets to relax on the flight except you,” I finish off solemnly.

I nod my head agreeing to her statement.

Softly she inquires about Kung Fu Man. I knew she would. Being his friend, I’m glad that I have met very few rumoured friends. Some are pretty crazy especially when they are stalking their claim on him. It’s awkward to watch because its like a man  untangling himself from an octopus that refuses to relinquish its hold.

“He’s doing well. His catering hustle is picking up,” I summarize for her.

“I kind of knew that was in the cards,” she says “he baked me a delicious strawberry chocolate cake for my birthday,” she whispers to me discretely.

We both let out a little girl and smile at each other. She seems nice for know, I tell myself.

Conspiratorially “You look like his type,” she winks at me as she says it.

I’m caught off guard because we just don’t click like that. I thank her for helping me out with the boarding pass then we both head to our rooms.


Tired. My eyes refuse to open. I love this bed. I want to make love to this pillow. Wait a second. That sounded better in…

“Wambui, open up,” the voice says so outside my door. Two gentle knocks are followed by something more aggressive. Knock Knock. KNock KNock KNock. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

I open up and I’m face to face with Kung Fu Man and somebody else with two large German Shepherd dogs.

“Daniel, you can start,” Kung Fu Man says to the guys next to him.

He scans me with his eyes, eye-bags sleep on top of eye-bags.

The dogs are released into my room. One stays on the ground and the other one sniffs around my bed.

I collapse on the floor and look at the alarm clock on the right side of my bed. 4:00 am. I just don’t really care right now.

“What’s going on,” I ask Kung Fu Man sluggishly from the carpeted floor.

The man approaches me with his tablet and shows me pictures. Its her. I nod my head in approval though I didn’t necessarily understand why.

The dogs have sat down next to my belongings. Haven’t I seen that on Border Patrol?


In the reception area, with two thick blankets and a steaming cups of coffee in front of us.

Reaching out for a cup and trying not to pay attention to the extra security detail in the hotel, I give him a pained look.

I remember that my Boss hates drama.

“Where is Steve?” he asks out of the blue.


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