Best Friends Really

“Alex is my best friend. He’s like my brother,” Annie tells her friends as they give her secret glances. One of them wonders when this friendship will blossom into so much more.

“Lillian always gives me advice. I feel like I can talk to her about anything. You know,” Brian tells his boys in the gym locker room as they get ready to leave.

The friend zone doesn’t just creep up on anybody. It is gradual and you can sense it if you’re keen.


“Puppies are cute to look at but girls don’t f#%@ them. They want men.”

Only a man can give that type of blunt advice.

As a guy, you need to distinguish yourself from a cute puppy. Ladies love stroking them, playing with them and talking with them but they’re never taken seriously.

You’re dependable and always lend an ear to listen to him or her. Always playing your cards close to heart and never showing your true feelings.

Initially, you had the chance to build a friendly relationship that could transition into more. Instead, you chose to sit on the sidelines and let her make all the decisions. An independent lady likes making decisions but she still wants an alpha male to take charge.

So by relegating yourself as a beta, she realises the need to look for someone more dominant. She may consider dating you but she needs someone whose ego, she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Everyone has a friend that has never been placed in the friend zone. Instead, he/she walks around with a “What If…” over his head. They’ve managed to get away with acceptable flirting but they also know where to draw the line.

If you’ve been friend-zoned and you’ve been jealous of this individual, don’t be. It’s easy for them to trade places with you.

Sometimes, ladies friend zone guys, whom they’re unsure about. So if he manages to stir a fire with her yet he does nothing more to keep your fire burning. She’ll have her doubts about him and then do the needful. They may have a moment but he won’t bother taking any more initiative. Instead, he’ll allow her to find her way to him like a prized statue.

In the dizziness of emotions, she may make her way to him. However, as she stabilises, she realises that you’re passive and leaves you to your own devices. She’s not interested in propping up a man that can’t be bothered to pursue her.


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