Team Light Skin Vs Team Dark Skin

You want somebody golden brown. #TeamDarkSkinVsTeamLightSkin. The lighter the person then the more beautiful or angelic that they appear. The darker person just happened to end up with the short end of the stick. You’ve seen light skin models who look like they descended from a biracial couple.  Imagine your little girl with long, semi-curly hair that doesn’t have to do a dance with a treatment at the salon. Or strangers always admiring your little boy?


Ladies want to chase them because they are. Ooh. So. Beautiful. Not necessarily smart. Actually, intelligence would just be a hindrance. Let him stare at you all day. With his perfect pearly whites, amazing smile and speechless tongue. His colour will dilute your blackness and permeate all the way to your soul. Not everyone has pockets as deep as Lil Kim.

He looks like caramel syrup and the girl next to you, just can’t stop staring. Staring at him as if she’s in a trance. Licking her red lips, straightening her weave and adjusting her poise.  She found something light to hold on to but you don’t plan on sharing your caramel ice-cream.

It isn’t your fault for subconsciously reasoning like that. After all, we were colonised by British, physically and psychologically. It explains our addiction with tea.

A lady out there will defend her light skin significant other with an undeniable passion. Leaving behind a scorched earth policy.  She doesn’t want anyone else threatening to steal him. It isn’t every day that a golden brownie drops from the sky.

On the other side of the coin, the darker the berry then the sweeter the juice. Guys that love #TeamDarkSkin 24/7/365. You want someone that looks like a chocolate bar. Better yet, you want 70% – 100% pure cocoa. Not the light brown caramel liquid found inside the chocolate. Whatever movie, Idris Elba stars in you, you can never miss it because it’s Idris Elba. Let’s not forget Kunta Kinte from the remake of Roots.

Feeling overwhelmed by that melanin goodness because it’s what you want.  You see no point in having hashtags like #TeamLightSkinVsTeamDarkSkin. A black beauty is what you’re seeking. Tired of light niggas feeling the need to carry themselves like peacocks. Telling yourself that you don’t care if they formed a union. Saying that TeamLightSkin will always have blackness within them no matter what they tell themselves.

In the end, it doesn’t matter because we’re all the same. We all turn into dust when the final bell rings.


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