Being Single

Is it #TeamSingle or #ForeverAlone? Is the glass-half-empty or half-full? Age determines crazy things that aunty tells you. Being young, you can kiss all the frogs you want but being older, it’s strictly biological.  Strange remarks about snatching a man off the streets before the good ones run out like a candy.


If it’s all good. You’re bursting at the seams with happiness.   Ready to try out something new and crazy. That will make you secretly smile when you become toothless.  Flirt with the cute boys. Nothing serious.  Concentrating on whatever makes you happy and ticking off items on your bucket list.

Alternatively, the break-up crucified your sanity. Like a broken doll. Crushing on your knees, you scream into the sky ‘Why?’ That’s a little melodramatic but you get my point. Silently obsessing with romance flicks like Bridget Jones or Mills & Boons novels and finding solace in chocolate. Stalking your ex on online, breathing in old mementoes since they take you back to that special time.

Dan started up the conversation and didn’t offend you with chauvinistic lines. You spotted him before he sat next to you. Easy on the eyes. Fresh on campus. So he’s clearly younger than you but exactly how young. He’s definitely not under-age. So you wonder whether he knows the Teletubbies?

Him being on campus means no ArtCafé or Java in your near future unless he’s loaded or a shrewd entrepreneur. Full of psyche and energy, but less intimidating since you’ll have the upper hand on this one.

Age before beauty. Exit the young and in enters Simon. Him being closer to your age means that you can’t pull him in any direction.  Strangely, ladies want a man that can stand up to them but still listen to them. A balance is needed.

Hopefully, he’s no Snapchat addict and knows the history behind sagging pants and prisons.  His age doesn’t make you wonder whether you’re simply open-minded or a dormant cougar. Things flow well. You exchange numbers. Chat on WhatsApp. It ends there. Since you can’t miss what you never had then don’t linger on anything.

If you aren’t a super introvert with pictures on your wall and stolen briefs. You’ve definitely spoken to your crush before. you know a little about him. Future baby names circles in your head.They’d definitely look good. He only smiles at you. A little curious about his indifference but you don’t chase waterfalls. Intuition tells you that it’s for the best. You don’t want cupid getting you high on his supply.

A blast from the past decides to open up. You’ve briefly flirted with the idea of both you. However, you always come back to your senses.  An inner voice already cautious about what to expect from him. Why it can’t really last? What he’s really like after the glitter settles? Why it never took off, in the first place?

Then, you suddenly bump into your girlfriend, who has decided to chase what she wants in life. Slowly, you pick up a leaf from her page book and decide to do the same.


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