Nude Empowerment

Nude means naked. It can refer to nude makeup hence you don’t end up looking like an alien. He was crazy enough to ask you on the first date.

A trendy expectant mum looks for a nice little studio, with private and professional photographers. She wants to remember what she looked like before bringing life into the world. Her husband holds onto her protruding belly protectively.


Cancer scars the body and not everyone survives from it. So what’s wrong with a lady taking boudoir pictures to remember that she’s a cancer warrior. Highlighting her battle wounds and showing others that it’s okay to love their bodies, no matter what life throws at you.

A man will label both the unimaginable. Before diving into a masculine discussion about how ‘girls were good’, in the olden days. Imagine consent being questioned and you’re asked to be ‘good’ by a man that wants to force his myopic perspective on you. You’re told be ‘good’ and listen to whatever that man tells you is good for you.

The word nude is said. Pornography pops up into your head. I’m not talking about that type.

Before we were ‘saved’ from feeding our dead ancestors, praying to Mugumo trees, and dancing for rain. Was your great grandmother bursting with womanhood as she walked around half-naked? Did her husband feel strange wearing only a loin cloth? With happy children running around half-naked. The Reed Dance where hundreds of young virgins’ dance for the King of Swaziland wishing to become a queen.

Once upon a time, a university student was killed by the police. His mother was angered among other emotions. His mother and other mothers decided to make their voices heard. By holding a nude protest.

A woman is wronged and decides to disrobe herself because nudity forces others to take her seriously. It instils fear seeing a naked woman calling out to her ancestors. A man is left in shock. It is taboo.

A friend confides in you about trying boudoir photography and falling in love with her body all over again. Despite childhood scars and faded stretch marks. After years of values being pounded into her mindset, she decided to try something new. It opens a small window and leaves you wondering about it.

An inner voice says that it’ll be a private affair. A slightly louder voice on your left/right shoulder says “Are you a Kardashian now? Wait till the pastor holds an intervention for you.”

It’ll hurt your career and future aspirations if they ever leaked out.

If you want to be famous but you haven’t got your big break yet. People will definitely know you. If good and bad publicity is the same thing to you then this doesn’t matter. Yet men aren’t fixed into this sexualized box. Can you imagine using a half-naked man in a sports car advertisement?

Society says what will people think of you and by extension, your friends and family. Yet, it’s your body. A man will wonder if you know what virtues are. Another man might say that you’re brave and fearless. Ladies might spew vitriol in public but stare at you with amazement in private.

It’s nobody’s business but your own. Yet, you don’t live in a bubble.


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