I’m Not Nice

I hate that a girl is pressurised to act nice. You’re told aki just do this thing for me, it’ll be the last time. Or loan it to me, you’ll get it back ASAP.

A boy will force a girl into a stereotypical box by telling her, play nice or take one for the team.

A guy that comes across as condescending, cold and rude has the nerve to question your likability, the day, you start responding differently.



Scratching your head, you can’t pinpoint the moment but it happened gradually. You kept being pushed up against a wall, till your hardened emotionally.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The gloves can come off if need be but you don’t want to be a slave to your emotions.

Regardless, you still know how to be nice but you just can’t be charming all the time.

It’s a bit of a conundrum. Naturally, you want to surrounded by friendly and humane people but you’re wary of playing the part and being taken for the ride.

Nice girl. Nice doormat. Do this. Blaah Blaah. Be a good girl. Cook and clean

“I think your wife material. Mum really likes you. You’re different.”

If you’re a guy telling a ‘good’ girl all this and expecting her to lap it up, like a day-old kitten. If you’re lucky then she will hook, line and sinker.

Unfortunately, she might be different. With hard questions burning at the back of her mind.

Njeri might do a double take on you, slowly start backing up and exiting the conversation.

It’s a lazy line.

Njeri wonders ‘Should I just date your mum since she’s the one, who spotted me in the rain all alone? Are you trying to covertly force something? What if your mum didn’t like me? Who said I plan on settling?

“I like how nice you are. Let’s go out.”

That’s nice. Let him like that in you. Just remember that politeness isn’t the same as flirting. So you don’t need to pretend that any chemistry is happening.

If he can chase that girl like a mad man then why does he think, that you’re easy? That you don’t have imaginary barriers, checklists, checkpoints, queries and questions. Plus an ethical hacker or two that can dig up dirt on anyone.

You could be as caring as Florence Nightingale but as complexly layered as The Joker. You have a level of craziness that you’re still coming to terms with.

Be a nice guy and never say anything. Watch nothing happen. A nice guy making half-hearted moves and trying to start up a fire. Still, nothing happens. Soberly nobody wants anything half-baked.

If you see a girl getting her shit together and you know that you have nothing to offer her, then, just leave her alone (stolen from someone).

That girl is eyeing someone incognito and will go in for the kill like a shark



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