Keep Your Legs Closed

Usually, pressure is placed on the girl to hold on to her cookie as long as possible. Heaven and hell will descend upon you if anyone takes a bite out of you. It doesn’t matter whether it was a nibble or a huge bite. Others will be able to look at you and know the truth. I don’t know how, though.


In the past, bad things happened if she didn’t listen. Death. Exclusion. Shame. Nobody wanted their little girl to look up to her. Teaching your little one bad manners and how to say no. Unless she came from a strange land that wanted all ladies to have expertise in all matters. Which is also pretty awkward?

With boys, it’s all about chasing adventure and learning something new. You don’t want to be the last one to know. The boys will probably make fun of you. Your bae expects you to be a well-rounded expert. She can’t have you fiddling in the dark, knocking off the lamp next to the bed just because you’re interning. Your baby wants to be blown away. She can’t have you confessing your deepest secrets about inadequacy and trying to understand manhood.

She is told to wait. She’s told that it’ll place her in the wife material line-up till her suitor chooses her and does the necessary. It determines her worth and maturity. She needs to control it because he can’t control whenever his zipper flies open.

He’s an alpha lion that needs to hunt and run with the herd before he can lead them. You can’t condemn him to eat just one cookie type his entire life because variety is the spice of life. Yet her cookie jar only needs one owner with a special key and he’ll open it when the time is right. Of course, he’ll inform her when her time is right because she can’t fathom the power her cookie has.

That cookie might control your fate. It might control how others see you. It might control how you see the world and you’ll worry about it. Unfiltered, the cookie monster might only sense it and fail to notice your mind and other essentials.

Your cookie might go crazy once in a while and crave the monster. Not all cookies are tamed and some want to try out different things in life. Vanilla. Chocolate. Hot Chili. Marijuana. That cookie decides YOLO because it’ll find its own rhythm and discover its own cookie monster.

There is love in hate and hate in love. So, if you believe that all girls are meant to stay closed for business till that day then a little bit of you also questions the idea of it all.

Honeypot. Cunt. Vagina. Vajayjay. The lips that never speak. Your cookie is labelled many things. It can be endearing, nasty or simply unrelated to it. Let the cookie decide to free itself from whichever box, it’s being jammed into. It’s more than a thing since it intertwines two souls that need time and patience to break away from each other.

Since boys are conditioned to be cookie monsters perhaps we should just tell them to keep their legs closed. Present a virginity card before marriage.

Share the pressure and let everyone keep their legs crossed and keep a lid on it.

Though you might get one whom simply doesn’t care about any of that. Praying for an everlasting cookie.


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