Awwh… he’s so smart

Little girls dream of kissing a frog, transforming him into a prince and ruling over a kingdom. Grabbing the sweet brown earth, fetching dirty water, cutting grass with little fingers and mixing it all up. Making magic in the kitchen.


Alternatively, she’s in love with the new Barbie lineup and doesn’t care about gender stereotypes. Telling her best friend that Barbie is pregnant and needs her tummy so they can deliver the baby. Looking to call the shots one day, fight for her rights and dreaming the biggest dream ever.

Typically, ladies are expected to settle down and start a little family. She can do it in reverse, though. Before settling down she’ll date, preferably someone intelligent. Only a man has the luxury of dating whomever and settling however he wants.

He needs to be smart because you don’t want to feel like you’re talking to yourself. You don’t want to feel the need to justify all your thoughts, emotions and everything else. It’s frustrating when someone flaky tries to take the reins and you just want to leave.

The man you’ve been hoping, fasting and waiting for, walks in.

You were hallucinating in real time.

He’s a real piece of work.

The smart douchebag. Super smart, funny and great at creating or fixing things. You call him whenever you can’t figure out, which wire goes where. Sometimes, he shows you how it’s done but not without getting a word in. It starts being about you but he’s always the main character. It feels like you’re an extra or a supporting character. The wind beneath his wings and everything else. You’re that special student that needs remedial help till he moulds you in his perfect image.

You take an exit and mind your own business till a cute boy offers to buy you coffee.

He quotes Paulo Coehlo and you’re in Seventh heaven.

This stranger decides to help you grow intellectually in thought and vocabulary. He writes about you. He teaches you things so that you no longer come off as slightly inadequate. You need to chase the sunlight and reach the sun. Your vocabulary needs work so that you can stop Googling words every time you try deciphering his Shakespearean blog. Aiming higher because you just don’t know what’s good for you and you need someone to groom you into it.

Till the day, you snap and tell him to keep his condescension in check.

You bump into someone that catches your eye and soothes your heart.

He even takes you to church so that you can finally see the light. Peace starts evading your body, a calmness and stillness take over within you. You start feeling lighter and happier. Till he hints that you need to invest in skirts that sweep the floor and tops that leave nothing to the imagination. Yet, you’re flirty and in love with colours. Hence, you simply swipe left.

Then, you meet the smartest man that you can imagine. He loves numbers the same way that you love dark chocolate cake. It looks so simple. Your baby would be a future astronaut. Problem is, he doesn’t know how to be humane. He is naturally honest. Naturally brutal. Crushing your dreams with zero chills. Never knowing how to balance between being cordial and candid.

You need a man that cares about your feelings.

Looking into the mirror, you tell yourself that life is never that serious and you need to laugh more.


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