Tensing In And Out


Tensing in and out

Drowning in your own thoughts

Pulling you back and forth

Drowning in the black abyss

Since you can’t sink any lower

Gasping for air

Clutching at straws

Clawing your way out

Fighting back

Intoxicated by everything

Silenced by fear and anxiety

Sleep escapes you

Every night

Yet your eyebags grow bigger

You wake up every morning

But you never sleep at night

It always runs across your dreams

He’s haunting you

Yet, he hasn’t even crossed to the other side

Playing the part

Awake, the mind acts sanely

It pulls a fast one

Till your subconscious takes over

Making you toss and turn in the night

Things that hit too close to home

Just simmering beneath the surface

They all start sweetly

Till they start twisting out of control

Causing your heart to pound




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