I’m Bad

A man out there is kicking it back with the boys talking about how it’s a hard to find a good girl. Girls just want money and flashy cars. He’s looking for a good Christian girl to settle down with and take home to mummy.

James meets Cathy at church and it’s a wrap.

He’ll make a U-turn for after he’s done playing the field and sowing his old oats.


Yet, he’ll probably damage and frustrate her till she pulls her hair out. She’ll try harder and harder grasping at straws. Her mind telling her that she shouldn’t lose a good thing.

As she swims harder against the current. James pulls the goal post further and further. Till he controls her like a master puppeteer in the background.

Pulling her here and there. Telling her that she needs to act in a certain way and her friends are pulling down.

Cutting onions one day and tearing up on the chopping board. It feels like déjà vu.

Cleaning up the house. She polishes it till she can see her mirror image on every surface.

Cathy lights up the jiko outside. Makes chapos the way mama taught since they taste better that way. Wraps them in foil. Opens the car. Pours the hot coals on the expensive leather seats. Sits back and waits for the silver Mercedes C-Class to catch on fire.

Two can play that game.

Putting her rosary and her wedding ring in a drawer. She locks it tight.

Cathy starts running through men like nobody’s business. Discarding them like used tampons. She won’t care about anyone’s opinion because she’s going downhill fast. With no parachute in sight.

She’ll drink you under the table. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Kenya Cane, Tusker Cider or Hennessy. She doesn’t care whether she’ll still be able to walk out or whether you’ll drag out screaming and cursing.

Especially before she starts a cat-fight especially since she’s been flirting with every guy. Some gently shove her off their lap, introduce their girlfriend and ask her leave. Others let her dangle a little too long as there as their significant other rains daggers on Cathy. He’s playing with fire. He knows what he’s game playing. It just takes a little soberness and time to catch on.

Cathy can’t go back to church. All they do is preach that divorce is a sin and she ought to forgive James without hesitation. She takes a big gulp from her Jameson bottle to numb her feelings. It hurts her a little when she thinks about it all.

However, it’s all fun and games when she’s blowing rings of smoke.  Blazed up. Running like wild fire. Making love to Sheesha in search on new flavours and heights.

All the long and shapeless Mormon dresses were tossed aside. She set them ablaze as she cleansed her soul and made peace with the past. So, it doesn’t mess up with the present. Deciding to never let a man tame the fire breathing dragon within her. She slays and burns you like a strong spirit if you don’t watch yourself.

As a man, you tell your boys that she’s the real deal. A lady in the streets and a freak in the you know what. They tell you to stop being delusional. That she’ll scorch you dry like a desert sun. You tell them that they need to stop running around like cocaine crazed roosters and find a girl. They tell that she isn’t your girlfriend. You tell them to get lost.

It’s true love. Her ferocity, drive and passion turn you on. She has the spirit of Che Guevera. You can imagine having a little baby activist. With a love of black clothes, scrunching their little fists just like the Black Panthers. Proudly into the air. Haki yetu

One day, you pull her aside saying that you want to take the relationship to the next level. Since you guys have been at it for eight months. She’s already moved in. She’s met all your friends and family. Filled with adventure, you just love her.

Putting her plate of pilau down, she blankly stares into your eyes and says

‘What relationship?’


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