Looking For Him


Move a little to the left

Sway your hips gently

Stick out the girls

But don’t look like a madame

Feel like an angel

Walk with a book on your head

Balance a jerrycan on your head

Balance a baby on your head

Balance his world on your head

Learn to burn your fingers

Whilst fanning hot coals

Cooking chapattis on a jiko

Sweet just like his mothers

If you can’t boil an egg

Learn how to fake it

Censor yourself subconsciously

Feminist, what??

That word has no meaning

Your sisters simply ate dust

No man wants a difficult woman

Laugh on cue

Smile with your eyes

Paint yourself pretty

Starve yourself beautiful

Melt away on the treadmill

Shape the line above your eyes

Cut your nails neat

Keep your kinks in a burn

Better yet

Cover it with sleek Asian hair

No more red lipstick

Wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea

Burn all your lace and chiffon

Don’t dress naked

Never talk back

Say yes more

Remove no from your dictionary

Breath like a girl

Ask for permission

Stop speaking fire

Keep your legs closed

Get rid of your toys

If you have any?

Don’t you want a man?


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