If I told you

that I loved you

you’d have to say it first

Say it with no caution

So I can believe it better

Believe in you


a) Am playful

b) Am not used to this

and c, I don’t know how to

not that I don’t know the words

or how to say them

or looking the part

‘cause I can do all that

And probably look,

pretty damn good

while doing it

I could even convince myself

3 words

They’re not that hard

It’s not magic

Yet they keep escaping me

I can’t say them easily

I have fought within myself

Cause am not used to this feeling

Sure, there have been tonnes of you

But then again

Commitment was never my strongest point

I have never had a love like this

I’ve never stayed this long with someone

That claustrophobic feeling

is starting to creep up on me

Closing in on me

Telling me

That it’s time to cut up my emotions

Pack up and leave

Let my feet kiss the ground

But baby, am too lost in you

I wasn’t meant to meet you

You completely threw me off balance

I don’t like things that I don’t understand

I don’t like things that aren’t straightforward

Lastly, I don’t like confusion

But you brought out all these things

‘cause you taught  me

that I need to feel love

before I can tell you

I really like you

Because for me

Saying I love you

Only happens once

So sharpen up your eyes

‘cause I’ll change my stripes for you

If you’re my brown sugar

Or claw your heart out.


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