Waiting For Him


You’ve been waiting

Praying into the smoke

Fasting and hoping

Barely controlling yourself


Waiting for him

Barely breathing

Holding your breath

So he can glide in

Just like all your dreams


Happy that you waited for him

He’s it

And some more


Elated that you knew better

Staying away from it all

Told temptation to get lost

Kept it intact


You’re clean and pure

As you kept it shut

Never letting it breathe

Strangling it in the dark

Choking away its desires

Smothering its hot flames


Wrapped in a tight cloth

That can’t be cut through

No room for error

You hold on tight

Denying your sexuality


Driving it deeper into your soul

Hoping your soul tames it

Till it no longer roars

But purrs demurely


Gazing into the stars

Like a dessert flower

You almost withered once

But your sanity always comes back


Since your lock was infinite

You said no to Tony

He moved like wildfire

Dropping sweet nothings all over

Stared at you like stars

Starring into your soul

Searing through it

But you said no to hell


Forced your waters to stay calm

Lowering the heat

Forcing your heart to control


It wasn’t easy

As you kept watch

Other flowers danced in the rain

Never scared of getting a little wet

Happy with the heights


Staying dry in the shade

Kissed by the sunlight

Radiating happiness

Your thirst never quenched

Drowning in the oasis

Waiting still

Waiting forever

Cookie forever on lockdown


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