Just Like Breathing

Just like breathing

I knew it

I knew you

I knew myself


One soul spoke to another

It spoke in mirrored whispers

Seeing each other

Like an alien

Looking for something to connect

A safe place

To kiss it better and heal it

Letting it grow

Into something unusual



The moment was infinite


It spoke strange words

That made the skies happy

I mean

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky


Till they were no longer two

Understanding it all

Dreaming the dream

It was different

Aiming to reach higher

Build something deeper

Acting as one


Like the sun speaks to the moon

Never blocking fully eclipsing each other

Feeding off each other’s energy

Strength and vulnerability


I speak into your spirit

Letting you know that it’s gonna be alright

I’m still here

It’s going to be alright

I’m no fortune teller


Like the fire that consumes itself

I only see you

Since you know can see my cracks

You know I’ll kill you

If you stray

Like a wolf in the night


So don’t leave me


You brought me to life

And you know it

Breathing truths into my spirit

Helping me to see things differently

Things that I stopped

Remembering it all

Stroking a flame within me

Knowing when to harness it


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