I Kissed A Boy

I kissed a boy. It was nothing like I thought it’d be. Lots of teeth, awkwardness and curiosity. At least, I didn’t bite him by accident.

Food Dye & Candles 049.jpg Picture Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/picture_bad/

Life is strange in itself. One day, you’re want to be a famous chef till you realise that can’t stand slaughtering a chicken. Plus, you hate it when someone massacres over the top recipes and your tongue suffers their wrath. Have you eaten a cake dripping with sugar and melting your teeth?

A simple chapatti, ugali or nyama choma is what makes life tick. Stuff that cucu cooks.

Holding onto my cookie, I’m a little proud of yourself. I’ve held out a little longer than all of my girlfriends. They tease me a little but they’ve still got my back. All around me, I have walking reference books that can help you answer questions like, ‘What if I change my mind?’ or ‘How will I know…?”

I’ve been living through #TheThirstIsReal. It isn’t all that but I’ve figured a way to deal with it. You rarely see boys breaking their necks to keep themselves for that special one. Unless it’s rooted in their religion and they have self-discipline. A little voice tells them to flee whenever they encounter temptation. Recognising bad girls. Staying away from them.

He lights up my world. Like a flame to a moth, I just can’t stay away. Two worlds collided and I just need to get a little closer just like breathing comes naturally. Close enough to breathe his scent. Learning what makes him tick.  It is special. The moment is right.

Funny thing is that I just don’t know where to start.

Night has fallen. All the stars are out. I look decent enough. Though, he likes my hair out and curly. So, I don’t even need to run a comb through all my kinks. He just needs me to be sure about it all. Being no novice or no brute, he knows that you don’t rush this moment.

The moment that a girl decides that she’s going to dive into the ocean with both feet.

I’m so sure of it all, till I wonder whether I should start questioning my sanity.

It isn’t that big of a deal in all of the life’s mysteries.

It still a huge deal. A girl usually cares about that moment. It’s her first.

I’m still fluffing up my hair and fluffing my pillows. A girl lady on a mission. Deciding that tonight is the moment that I lay all my cards on the table.

Venturing into womanhood and above. I’ve decided to proclaim and own my sexuality instead of hiding it under a rock pretending that I don’t have one. Discarding all the talk given to girls about how touching boys leads to instant babies or only bad girls care about what’s between their legs.

I’ve chosen to share a special moment that a man and a woman were uniquely created for.

Taking care of everything that needs to be handled.

He’s stroked an inner flame. Remembering when he was growing and self-consumed by the fire between his loins. Till the narrative changed.

Antsy with emotion since I just don’t know what to do with myself. He asks me to breathe in and out, relax and loosen up. Since I’m super tensed up and not ready yet. I just don’t know it.

Closing my eyes on his chest, I drift off and he lets me rest. I kissed a boy. I wanted more.

He decided to let me breathe till the timing was right for me.



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