I Won’t

I can’t talk about him

I can’t hide from him

Keeping an eye on me

Smoking mirrors on the ground


Always so close

Yet so far

Pinning away for her

Hoping to pull her closer

Dying a little

Suffocating in the night

Never complaining

About never feeling her heat


Always missing the sun by a heartbeat


I let him illuminate me

Since his loneliness

Is too deep to bear

It’s making him little delusional

The oceans can’t hold his sadness

He sinks us all into pitch black

Because he’s trying to find his way back


Watching others whisper sweet nothings

Lock fingers into each other

Chase the sunlight away

So I whisper to him

You die every night

So she can live every day


Njeru 026 blue lImage: www.instagram.com/picture_bad/


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