I Love Her But… Part 1

I love her. I just want to make everything perfect. I don’t pop the big question every day. Will she say yes? Will it be…? I can’t believe it…


Koroga Festival 156 b

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/picture_bad/


8 Months Ago

‘What do you really look for in a guy?’ I asked Nancy earnestly ‘woman, I don’t mean tall, dark & handsome,’ I become more serious.

Nancy opened her mouth a little bit & quickly closed it. It looked like a light bulb was flickering over her head.

I was a little nervous. My right foot kept tapping up & down against the floor. I could feel my armpit get a little sweaty but I still knew. I still knew that I wanted her.

‘Fine, I…,’ Lisa said slowly as she cleared her throat. Looking for words and finding it hard to say.

‘Have you never thought about it,’ I said with exasperation. She was starting to weather me down but I still liked her intensely.

A part of her was testing me and she didn’t need to say a word. She thought I was looking for something else.

You see I like a certain type of girl. I like particular girls. I don’t like too many distractions. Lisa wasn’t the type of cookie cutter I loved but I still respected her mind & her strength. It made want to know more. She also pushed my buttons pretty hard but I was still twisting around her like a tree.

Perhaps this date would break the spell. Date number 3. I’m a man that knows what I want.



‘Does she know everything?’ Nick asks me pointedly but gently.

‘What’s there to know?’ I joke around with him. I know what he means & I hope that Nancy is open minded enough to know love has no bounds. It shouldn’t be under a rock or tied to social constructs. Just let it be and it’ll come back to you.

‘This one is serious,’ he tells me in that way that lets me know that he approves of her.

‘I know,’ I respond a little too hard because I don’t like where he’s going with this.

I kick him out of my place because I have things to do.


3 Months Ago

‘Can you imagine being in love with two people at the same time?’ I joke as we walk in Arboretum holding hands. I like how she lets me lead the way but I can still see the fire behind her eyes.

‘Yeah, I can imagine… is it really possible? si mwanaume uchoyo kiasi,’ she says with a twinkle in her eyes and a barely noticeable edge in her voice.

‘I’m just thinking out loud,’ I say a little softly and pull her closer to me. She pretends to pull away but leans towards me. I want her to know that life can be different.

‘What do you think?’ she asks absent-minded, yawning a little.

Vanilla wafts into the air, I can tell that she’s been baking cakes through the night. Watching her feels magical, no recipe in sight she just has the Midas touch even when something is missing. She touches the bottom of her right ear then she starts opening cupboards looking for something different. Something better.

“I don’t think that we can necessarily bind ourselves. It’s the same way that you can’t choose whether you love dark chocolate or coconut rum cake more?’ I tease her a little.

Giggling ‘ how can you compare the two?’, Nancy asks me softly.

‘You love what you do?’ I raise my eyebrows ‘you love both your entire family, wote. You didn’t choose one,’ pacing myself ‘so isn’t love the same way?’, I finish up.

‘Sometimes, you sound so serious,’ Nancy said hitting my arm.

‘I just want to expand your mind a little, that’s all,’ I summarise because I don’t want her to stop smiling.


Trying things a little different, it’s been a while since I’ve done a short. If you like it, share it 😉



4 thoughts on “I Love Her But… Part 1

  1. “‘You love what you do?’ I raise my eyebrows ‘you love both your entire family, wote. You didn’t choose one,’ pacing myself ‘so isn’t love the same way?’, I finish up.” this got me thinking


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