I Love Her But… Part 2

You look pretty tonight,’ I tell Nancy because I don’t want to hold back truths from her.

In a long black dress with a deep V at the front, her cleavage peeking out of her dress. The moonlight and the lights outside illuminate her and it looks like she’s radiating happiness.

Dark ebony gold skin & her red lips are peering right at me. I know that she’s probably expecting something in that way that ladies just do.

Nancy always knows whenever I’m doing something big or we need to talk.


‘Ata wewe uko poa,’ Nancy smiles as she compliments me.

The weather is a little chilly sitting outside but the view is worth it. The stars at night are brighter than ever. Different types of meat are being roasted over an open office. The chef is circled by them as he brushes and turns them over large flames.

I can smell dirt and something richer like red meat and rosemary.

I don’t understand the fuss but I know that Nancy likes new foods. It’s like an adventure trip in her mouth. I prefer things I know & trust but I always learn something new.

It’s going to be a long night so I need to butter her up real well. It might be our last one.

Koroga Festival 049.jpg

2 Days Ago

Lying in bed looking at the ceiling and thinking about Nancy. We have something in common. I want to settle down with her.

The white paint is starting to peel again and it’s a little uneven. I need another fundi to remove the old paint, put a fresh coat and sand it down. It’s been done thrice and I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a weird sign.

The bed sheets smell like sta-soft lavender so fresh and soft.

I wish that could steal a few more minutes with my inviting pillow but my business needs me.

‘When do I meet her?’, Stacy asks from the other side of the bed. Waking up slowly and staring at me with deep brown eyes.

‘Soon,’ I respond and turn to face her. I run my fingers through her short hair, soft but super curly.

‘How, did-,’ I start asking her.

‘You smile more even in your sleep,’ with a finger on my lips she comes a little closer ‘I hope she understands’ she says as she lies on my chest.

I close my eyes because I hope so too. It won’t be easy explaining what I’m all about. If I wasn’t so smitten initially then she’d have clarity about me.

Laid all my cards on the table.

‘What is she like?’ Stacy asks a little softer than I’m used to.

‘You’ll love her,’ I say confidently but a little hesitantly.

Stacy comes towards so that she’s facing me. Locking eyes because she can always tell whenever I’m trying to underplay something serious.

Very sober ‘Ladies aren’t like that. Don’t forget that monogamy is normal.’ Stacy finishes up.

I know that she’s trying to be gentle with me. It’s pretty trying even though I’ve never seen her cry.

That’s one thing I love about her, she can be strong and soft at the same time. Though when we met we fought like cats and dogs in the rain.

‘I love you,’ I say deeply ‘but my love has no bounds.’

‘This isn’t a normal,’ she finishes off.


A lady in dark pants and a white t-shirt approaches them with menus in her hand.

A husky voice says ‘Are you guys ready to order,’ as she stands with a notebook plus pen sticking out. I can see another couple sitting down in the distance and Nick waves towards me. I wave back at him.

‘Five more minutes,’ Nancy says without lifting her eyes from the menu.  The waitress leaves. She opens her mouth slightly open as if she’s visualising taking a bit out of each dish. I just trust her instincts and she’s never let me down apart that one…

I can feel Stacy staring at both of us from the corner of the restaurant.

Adding more to this little short saga… lol… If you like, share it 😉

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