Before Next Year…

Everyone has a list. Before I turn 20 something else and start ushering in 2019.

  1. I like chappatis and how they just melt in your mouth with githeri, avocado & pili pili. @OvacadoMan, you need to try it out. I make carrot chapattis in all shapes and sizes but they take forever. 
  2. I breathe poetry but my story can’t end there so words must come to life all on their own. Watch this space for more details.
  3. A story is always born intertwined with another one till it’s tricky remembering where it all started. I’m leaving fewer stories hanging, @Victor K.
  4. Roads look chaotic and sometimes I feel like my ma3 is about to turn over whenever we go off-road. Trying to overtake with all the lights merging into one. I see the light & I need to follow it.
  5.  Little weird things that you do but can’t exactly put a finger. Somethings can only be understood better in your mother tongue. Once said out loud, people turn around and stare at you.
  6. Uppercut. Occasionally, a boy goes from zero to a hundred real quick when you refuse to play nice. Stori ya umejiringa na hata hauja iva vizuri means I need to clutch my bag tighter and move closer to the crowd.
  7. Tutorials. Lightroom. Photoshop. SpeedliteReview_1
  8. Loving my natural hair more and nailing this crown braid twist tutorial. One braid is thicker than the other, can’t I pay someone?
  9. Knowing how to do a head wrap. It has a regal aura around it. I can use it when my hair goes haywire and am rushing out of the door.
  10. Wielding the makeup brush for good lest I end up dating my ex twice hihihihi, not funny yet slightly diabolical. I can also outfox boys that insist on taking ladies for swimming dates (waterproof everything).
  11. Disappear on a road trip.
  12. Start a business. Fingers get burnt but others find their footing & soar like eagles
  13. Make peace with the past better, minimize bridge burning & try to be sweeter.
  14. Grow out my curls and kinks. I’m glad that I didn’t do the big chop though maybe later. #TeamNatural, deep conditioning, moisturising, oiling my scalp and trimming my ends like I’m meant to.
  15. Leave. It’s time T.
  16. I  tasted yoga last year and it’s the sort of pain that’s worth it, you might not feel for the next two days. I can’t always touch my toes. You don’t force a door open instead you ease into it slowly @Abdi.
  17. Devour more Africana books by modern writers. My library can’t be filled with blurbs like ” rising from the ashes of Titanic she took over all the runways from Paris, Milan to New York with a deadly secret in her past” or “he hated her with a passion but she awakened something else when she showed up on his doorstep”, eye roll (you know what I mean, Arthur).
  18. I don’t float in them & I definitely can’t run in them to save my life. My sister asked me if I really thought things through when I pulled them out of my closet. Black, shiny & pointed. What if I need heels one day?
  19. Go upcountry (shaggz) more often.
  20. Walk on fire. I dreamt of wearing a long flowing dress and walking on hot coals. Sometimes, I’m running but I never feel the heat beneath me.

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