Awkward 1.

Prepping myself in the mirror like I’m going to cause trouble. That’s an over-statement.

Kevin & Maggie's wedding-54

Annie likes Ken. Tom is Ken’s BFF. I’m not that excited about either of them. My girl still needs me to have her back.

Brushing vigorously with that minty after taste in my mouth. I’m ready to go.

Ding. Ding. Diing.

I can hear that bell ringing in my ears. I splash cold water on face, close the tap and wipe my face. Tucking my black braids behind my right ear & staring at my own reflection.

Diiiing. Diiiing.

Yes, this needs to happen tonight because life just happens like that.


Opening the door, Annie walks in looking flustered and unsure of herself with dark, sunken eyes.

At least, she’s not wearing bright shouting colours. Annie has a dark grey beanie and strange shades that are super reflective.

I got into the kitchen remove whisky from the Cabinet and pour it into two glasses. I pour two shots in both glasses, till, I remember what she’s like. I re-distribute the mixture & hand her the smaller shot.

I get that she needs liquid courage especially being so close to the finish line.

The buzz will mellow her down. I don’t want her tipsy though. It took forever to rope her in on my idea.

It has a strong woody scent that hits me. As I bring the light brown liquid closer to my lips. I already know how it tastes because I take a shot or two before bed.

Not every night though. I live alone. I’m single. I don’t want to be an alcoholic. I have other vices.


45 Minutes Later

Your car is arriving in 2 minutes, my phone lights up on the screen. I can see a little car pulling over on my street.

Decked in all black. I pull my slender, nondescript hoodie over my head & slip into my comfortable black trainers. I never really know how these things turn out so I like being prepared.

I throw my keys, wallet & other essentials in my dark sling bag. I take one look at Wambui and pull her up to her feet.

She sways a little bit & puts her lips a little too close to mine. I hold her tightly & we shuffle out of the door with her head drifting in the clouds.

I open the door in front of me. It’s a white Probox with no discerning qualities. It’s clean and a lemon air freshener is dangling from the front view mirror.

‘Dan,’ I say to the dark figure holding the steering wheel, right in front of me.

‘Yes,’ he says turning to look at me as I help Wambui buckle up.

‘Si you know the place,’ I ask him as I enter the front seat and close the door. He reaches over for his black, squarish phone & clicks on ‘Start Trip.’

‘Annie, what if he sees us,’ Wambui moans from the backseat. She sounds forlorn but slightly alert.


I hope I didn’t give her too much Whiskey.



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