Date Yourself

It was fine when you met him. Now, it feels like ashes are choking the life out of you. Doves no longer fly around you. The idea of kissing frogs just doesn’t appeal to you.

Moe & Kubai's wedding-31

Lots of talks have been initiated by you. A nagging girlfriend. You hate that title. You’re the fun type and you love being outdoors looking for an adventure or two. You can’t remember when things became tense. When did it all become so serious??

Simon is giving Candy the short end of the stick and she knows it.

Candy has tried changing him to no avail because she just didn’t know better. Dreaming that spending time on her knees, chanting facing upwards with beads across her knuckles would awaken him.

It never did: he stayed cold.

Candy stopped sulking and decided that she’d start treating herself better. Let Simon turn a blind eye to her because her eyes are finally wide open. Confidence and strength emanating from within her like an oasis in the desert. Intoxicating.

I need a moment to take a breather and take myself out, she thinks deeply.

Planning her weekends a little more because there are so many things that she hasn’t done. Shaking off the shackles that bind her to him, her wings aren’t scared to feel the wind.

Buying that dress that inches a little too close to the promise land. Trying out that thing that sets her heart on fire but she just can’t stop thinking about it whenever she closes her eyes.

Simon likes parties and planning for trips with his boys but strangely Candy is always in the dark. It used to bother her and he knew it but it never swayed him. Candy checked out on him packing her emotional suitcases one by one leading to the exit door.

Day by day, her energy levels starting matching his. She plans nothing for his birthday because she couldn’t give a damn. It’s time for her to shine and do her own thing.

Feeling free and liberated to cancel on him whenever she just needs alone time to practice self-love because she’s putting herself first. It’s her life. He’s simply playing a part till she someone more desirable catches her eye.

PDA is dead to her because he doesn’t see the need for it.

She decides that she’ll run on her own like a wolf till someone decides to step up to the plate.

Scratch that.

Candy will fly solo because she’s all that and more.


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