He’s Too Nice

Life is full of frogs. You kiss lots of princes till your lips are cracked & your faith is gone.

You go through a few bad guys that leave you worn out and jaded with life.

Nurtured Knots-4

Till you meet a guy that makes you wonder about the last time that good things happened to you. 

He’s too nice for you.

He calls when he’s meant to & you never wonder about him especially in comparison to guys that go silent for days. Then, they pop up out of nowhere with the ‘I miss you,’ or ‘how you been?’ or ‘Why you been so quiet lately?’ Your mind always wonders whether you should sound pissed, bored or above it all. You’re burning angry but you know that it’s not really worth your time & you can just ignore it & move on.

He ends each text message with a smiley or a blowing kiss emoticon. Even though, that emoticon has come a little too soon for you because you haven’t decided what he is to you yet.

An undecided box exists for some men. She met you but she’s still unsure about what’s going to happen next. Friend. Lover. Brother.

He swears that he’s floating on cloud nine when he thinks about you but the funny thing is that he left you grounded. He hasn’t managed on doing the little things that melt you & make you feel cared for. He’s simply nice with the assumption that you owe him because he’s perfectly behaved & he does things perfectly.

It almost feels like you need to fix yourself up to meet his standards because you’re just too imperfect to fit in his perfect little world. You don’t quite measure up and it feels like you never will.

A little part of wonders if you’re a bad person since you still don’t have butterflies in your stomach plus your heart doesn’t skip a heartbeat.

He looks good on paper but you can still feel that something’s off. Deep and darkly unsettling. You leave.

You don’t owe any boy anything since you solely belong to yourself. So if you aren’t feeling him then let him know so he can move on the next one. It doesn’t matter if he tries to guilt you emotionally by trying to make you feel jealous followed by him mentioning that he’s the best for you.

I don’t know why boys think that approach will drive her into his hypocritical arms?

Know that you dodged a bullet and move on with life.

It’s too short for settling anyhow.

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