Loving that feeling

Your looking for it because you’re bursting all over and you can’t help it.

Your crush has asked you out but you’re still a little confused. Since through your wide, brown eyes, he’s always crushing your dreams so things get kinda hazy.

Alternatively, he can discover that side of you all on of his own since. It might scare him a little so he says on the right and narrow path. No need to let him know that you burnt your exes clothes and the house almost came alive too. Fire flames mesmerized you. Meanwhile, pretend that your an intense burner with depths of passion till then.


Clearly, you need to look grounded and composed. He needs to know that you’ve got other options even if you were living in the dessert.

Just because your were drowning in saccharine Vanilla ice-cream with split ends threatening to takeover & breakdown your black mane. Nobody needs to know this. You took a good hard look in the mirror. You didn’t recognize yourself. The madness had to stop.

You decide to play coy and innocent since you don’t want to come off to blunt & direct. Of course, you’re not sure what he wants from you. Is this two pals hanging out & catching up? Is it a Netflix & Chill kind of thing? Is it he needs advice since he spotted your curvy BFF? Or is it something worth getting dolled up for.

You also lied about how you’re not a make-up person. So maybe you’ll go nude with minimum lip detail or naked. A naked face on the gram!

You’ve been stalking him on the down low but you still can’t come clean about it. Just act surprised when he tells you what makes him tick. Innocently prod him for more details even though you know all his social media handles by heart.

Your crush wants to surprise you and you don’t want to jinx the moment.

That’s how you don’t have a clue where he’s taking you. He doesn’t act like he’s a suppressed psychopath, who’s looking for vengeance. Furthermore, your bestie has his picture, his contact details & knows how to find him lest something shady happens to you.

Still gasping for air and struggling to breathe properly, you’re finding it hard to string sentences in-front of him so you can’t run a subtle interrogation.

Till you open your wardrobe & have a mini-meltdown because you don’t which hanger to pull out.

That slinky dress is calling out to you and it’ll hug the right areas but what if he decides to take you hiking. Yet, you still want to feel feminine, soft and in control. Or maybe you want to be crazy sexy cool with sneakers and ripped skinny jeans.

It’s hard deciding what to wear since you don’t know what to expect from him. Besides, you want to convey that you can be sexy without being ratchet.

Still loving that feeling and the confusion that comes with it.

You take a chance and step into the world.









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