I’m A Boy

Coming back as a boy doesn’t seem so bad. Nobody cares if they come back looking hellish. Doing stupid things freely instead of being handed a small mwiko that subconsciously ingrains mothering as an ambition.

Nobody really cares if he cries his heart out because it’ll toughen him up. 

Kissing teenage girls under the moonlight and ‘accidentally’ feeling them up. Never being bombarded about how touching a boy can end everything.

I can mark my territory & my women & my everything by peeing on it all. Doesn’t matter if am that old drunk man singing like a broken piano whose feet always find their way home even though my wife is pissed & locks me out.

I’ll always show up in the middle of the night smelling like alcohol but never like other women. Soon ladies will turn the tables on men & start meting out the same uncalled for senseless, mind-numbing violence. Banging my front door through the night and sleeping outside my compound because the earth beneath my feet belongs to me.

Seducing daughters right, left & center to prove a point because the hurt I felt was out of this world when I was a female. I never have to worry about my reputation because I can always bounce back. Dishing out freely whatever I feel like without worrying about a damn thing. Beside, I can just switch my emotions on & off. 

Making sure that I always come first in every way.

Cutting off women whenever they’re talking or just making noise since they’re so whiny. I mean some go to university but they’ll never really catch up. Men & women just weren’t created as equals. Pretty nice things to look at especially when they don’t talk back or try to question my intelligence. The ones with prescriptions holding books are kinda annoying though. I can always hide my condescension with a fast comment and cocky smile.

Only penises have opinions that matter.

I can walk in the dark without worrying too much if someone is going to try to assault, rob & kill me and not necessarily in that order. I can still get robbed but I’ll clobber anyone that tries to harass me though. I have young, hot blood coursing throw me.

In the boardrooms, talking the loudest will always make seem like a natural born leader. I was born to do this shit. It runs in my blood & men were created to step on women’s bones & ascend into greatness. It’s a boys club at the top & I have the right equipment to join.

Sweeping through ladies like wildfire since I never learned to settle down & simmer my flame. So I’m always pollinating the next flower. Birds and bees. Free of all the labels that have been placed on women & forcing them to act in a certain way.

Really starting to care about this one but never really know how to recognize a real one. So, I’ll just burn right through her and turn her bad, wild and restless. Her mind will start running crazy wondering how she failed to capture & tame my heart. Till, the day that she finds peace within herself and cuts me off from her completely.

Till the day I decide that I need a ‘good,’ and ‘humble’ lady with a close bond to her mum so she can fix me. Doesn’t matter if am the devil’s incarnate. I know that she’ll wave a magic wand and fix my fragile masculinity and break my misogynistic ideals.



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