Fetching Water

Fetching Water is an art. It can’t be done by just anyone.

It’s an art pouring water in a glass but leaving a small gap so it isn’t over-filled. Also, balancing it as you snake your way through guests to deliver water.

That’s why when you don’t end up speaking to the girl of your dreams, you end up fetching water at her wedding.

You had a chance with her & there’s a moment that she probably felt the same way. Noticing whenever you wore something that she liked but you stayed mum. So she decided that you probably didn’t see her that way so she stopped focusing on you.

So as the years passed, you became a confidante & a sounding board to all her aspirations & heartache.

Being as steady, as the tray you’re carrying now filled with a full pitcher of water and filled glasses. Glasses filled with your tears if you were a weaker man.

Then again, everyone says that time waits for no man & you need to strike the iron while it’s still hot.

She broke up with her first boyfriend.

You stayed mum.

The silence was deafening & it marked your character.

Her rebound guy didn’t last that long either because she was looking for something that he was incapable of giving. She was looking for a reflection of herself. A reflection that she still truly loved & inspired her. A part of her that broke off with her first.

She fought loneliness, confusion & guys that just wanted to waste her time & steal from her cup.

Knowing that she can’t pour from any empty cup. She stayed solo as she refilled herself.

You had a front row seat to all her madness, being a constant, a rock & a brother.

You stayed mum.

Perhaps, your father never really taught you how to speak to a beautiful girl. How to make room in your heart for her entrance and how to formulate words with your lips. He never taught you that actions speak louder than words. Or how you need to declare your feelings and mark your territory. Or letting her know that she’s not all alone in this galaxy and that you have her back..

Instead, you stayed mum like you’re used to.

So another lover came into her life and found it hard to break through.

You were sure that it would never last & that she’d finally notice you. The way that loneliness brings people together. Then, again, you can’t stuff a women with niceness and expect her to open up her legs for you. It means that you were never nice in the last place.

So he made his place next to her and soothed & caressed her spirit. So, one day, she said yes and let him slip a ring on her finger sealing it with a kiss.

She invited you because you’re an old, loyal friend.

Definitely, since the reception was so packed, you were asked to help fetch water for the guests.

As you gulp the water down, it burns right through & can’t quench your thirst.

Stay mum.

Irma & Ethan-12



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