I have a name

I have a name.

In my mother’s womb perhaps my people had a different name from me compared to the ones chosen for me.

I have a name.

I was named after my grandmother. I was named by my father.

I have a clan name.

So why remix my name or hand me titles that shouldn’t come up just like that. Why call me ‘baby, sweety, sexy goddess, honey, sweetheart,’ or whatever floats your boat especially when you’re forgetting names or feigning intimacy.

I hate nicknames.

It doesn’t matter that all the other birds are floating in sixth heaven whenever you coat their names with saccharine titles.

Getting high on all the reveries that you’re both hallucinating on as you rise higher into the abyss masquerading as love.

Spinning on what could be versus whatever’s happening now.

Getting caught up on catching up with their friends living their best bae & I life.

I hate that nicknames are gendered and they’re rarely male to male but male to female. Under the currents, it creates the idea that I belong to you or at least I will be soon enough.

I have names that change depending on how close we are.

I have names that unfold as time goes by.

So wait your turn till you know why my names wound themselves around me like intricate vines.

Why am proud to have them?

Why am not an instant baby sweetheart goddess easily predigested like Cerelac and swayed by words over actions?

Why I ain’t responding ‘nicely‘ to ‘sweet cute,’ little names that I drop on little kids?

Patronizing AF.


Also, never send emoticons that you’re not sure off… kissy face icons… why???




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