Didn’t you know? I was cursed     Every little thing Slips out my fingertips like water   I told myself That I was different   I had you   You weren’t a sacrificial   I really tried something different Till I remembered   I’m a savage   I ate you alive Left nothing for … Continue reading Savage

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry I know you don't believe me   running out of your skin Trying to catch yourself stop yourself from falling apart   Since you don't trust my lips They remind you Of everything you've been sitting on   Fighting against the need to breathe because that's all you know   Stories that died … Continue reading I’m Sorry


Naked You wanted me naked Curves, bumps and ridges With all my scars alight Before they turn over a new Cooling down from the heat How can I hide them? Twisting out of control How do they look to you? Till you can’t see me I’m running out my skin How do you feel? I … Continue reading Naked