Moving On Swiftly


I need to stop bitching and moaning

Moving on from everything

Remembering nothing

Or perhaps remembering a little

I have laughed with the worst of them

I remember all your faces

I have cried once – I think

Emotions tunnelling through me

Frustrated till the breaking point  DSC_0390_Iván_Melenchón_Serrano_MorgueFile


Imagining the end

Becoming delirious with thoughts

Writing letters in my head

Never sealing envelopes with a bang

Never typing out, my anger

Always cloaking it like the dark

Bending yet not breaking

Because what matters today, won’t matter tomorrow


I may have burnt a bridge

Snapping like a mousetrap

Quick and unexpected

Forgetting that myopic actions

Only usher in Karma into the equation

I may have learnt a thing or two

Who wouldn’t?


I have fought

With little tact and little dignity

I blame my lack exposure

I blame my curved tongue


That just didn’t know better

Releasing torrents of words

Free-flowing and falling wherever they may

Cementing the riffs and widening the cracks

I wish I had tried a little harder

But demotivation inspired me

Hating the same redundant monotone audio clips


Practiced body movements and accompanying cues

Spewing beautiful lies

And threading them in the cloak of reality

However, I also saw a clearer reflection of myself

What I hated

What I disliked

Catching and releasing


I need new air

I need to breathe

Knowing intrinsically that I’m not a bitch

Callous and cold

That something’s got to give

Something needs to change


I need to be the change for others

I cannot and will not

Be another statistic

I cannot change alone

I will not thrive in power battles

Trying to wade through sea

Fighting with the water



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