Victor is a cool guy & a good friend with a deep love for avocados. Today, he's telling us about Tinder 😉 & you can find his stories here https://littlegreynotepad.com TINDER IN NAIROBI: A GUY’S EXPERIENCE Being on the Tinder app is interesting for a guy. Most times you see pretty faces and you want … Continue reading TINDER IN NAIROBI: A GUY’S EXPERIENCE


Loving that feeling

Your looking for it because you're bursting all over and you can't help it. Your crush has asked you out but you're still a little confused. Since through your wide, brown eyes, he's always crushing your dreams so things get kinda hazy. Alternatively, he can discover that side of you all on of his own … Continue reading Loving that feeling


Didn’t you know? I was cursed     Every little thing Slips out my fingertips like water   I told myself That I was different   I had you   You weren’t a sacrificial   I really tried something different Till I remembered   I’m a savage   I ate you alive Left nothing for … Continue reading Savage

Bitter Pill Boy

That boy is running circles through your mind. You can't put your finger on it. It's just something in the way he walks. The way he moves. The way he talks.  And how he handles others. How he carries himself speaks to you. He feels different from every other man that has stood up & left whenever things were getting too hot. A … Continue reading Bitter Pill Boy